sisley paris So Intense Mascara, Deep Black, 0.06 Pound - REVIEW

  • Sisley deep black mascara is the best. It is super black, makes lashes where there are none, has an nifty thing one end that can 'pull into existence' lashes at the corners, and super easy to wipe off stray bits when applying, the only mascara I know that doesn't leave marks where you don't want them. Makes eyes bigger because of the intense black, no need to even wear an eye liner pencil.
  • My first purchase of this mascara was at full price (hadn't planned it but was right for reasons too long to explain here). To my great surprise I was really impressed by its texture and overall performance. Over the last 10 months(!) I discovered that it would not dry out prematurely and is still very usable. The purchase I am rating now is my backup and appears to be just as good: I used it once to make sure I didn't purchase an old/dry product.
  • This mascara is the best It helps your lashes grow without chemicals an doesn't smudge
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  • Works to lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes within just two weeks
  • Provide long wear and intense colour
  • Its innovative comb brush perfectly distributes the product
  • It covers and separates lashes for an ultra-voluminous effect
  • Eyelashes are immediately thickened and volumized.
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