Maybelline New York Great Lash Washable Mascara, Very Black, 1 Tube - REVIEW

  • This is just as good and possibly even better than the $30 tubes of mascara out there. Absolutely 100% love this stuff.
  • I love this mascara.Goes on without clumping and stays on all day.Easy to wash off at night.And I love the blue color!
  • I strayed for a minute and bought another brand due to a article I read about how great this other mascara was supposed to be. I will never do that again. I love how buildable this one is and it’s not a clumpy mess.
  • I have loved this mascara for many years, but have not been able to find the blue color in my local stores.I used to spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME, looking through all of the mascaras in the store to see if there were any blue ones, only to be disappointed!Thanks goodness I can easily order it when I need it.It is very subtle and just gives a hint of color around my eyes.Also really accents my hazel eyes making them look more green.I highly recommend this product!
  • I've used this Maybelline mascara for many years, but it's been harder to find Dark Brown.The order was delivered as promised and the product was received in perfect condition.
  • I have a hard time getting brown mascara.I was a little disappointed with the brush on the wand, I would have liked a thicker fuller brush.
  • I am not using Maybelline products anymore.They certainly have the right to choose their spokespersons, but I have the right not to buy their products.Sadly, this was the best mascara I’ve ever used.
  • I like this mascara because it doesn’t clump up and it’s easily cleaned off with water. Don’t need makeup remover like other mascaras. Plus, it brings out the color in our eyes more, especially if you have brown eyes.
  • My eyes are sensitive and it is the only mascara that doesn't make my eyes burn.Have been using it for years.I don't try any others.
  • I've been wearing Maybelline Blue Mascara for a about 20 years and believe me I love it especially when the sun is shining on my eyes I get a lot of compliments on this product.It used to be easy finding this beautiful blue mascara by Maybelline in the drug stores now youcan't.I'm very glad that Amazon sells it online.Ladies it is better to buy at least 2 or 3 it is worth the price.Its even better than the very expensive Mascara's on the market to me.Try it you might like it.
  • Long separatelashes.No clumps.Start at bottomof lash followthroughto tip. Repeat if necessary until desired length and thickness.I have short lashes I only need to applyonecoat. This mascaragives me long lashes without lookingunnatural.
  • My mother has been using this mascara for years, and lately haven't been able to find the royal blue, momma will live it, she will be so happy. Thank you....
  • This look great but I’d rather use it on my bottom lashes! It doesn’t flake or get clumpy easy!!! Overall I love it!
  • I've always had light hair, the kind that black mascara looks wierd with, so when Maybelline came out with blue... It's still not a match for my hair, but it's more fun!
  • The mascara was not in its sealed packaging and the lid was green not black.
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