Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Waterproof Mascara, Very Black, 0.32 fl. oz. - REVIEW

  • My absolute favorite mascara. It gives your lashes volume and also spreads your lashes while giving it more volume and darkness!
  • This is a very nice waterproof mascara but kind of disappointing. I have naturally long lashes but they are blonde. This took a couple of coats to bring out my natural lashes but didn't do a lot for lengthening or volumizing. Great for the price tho.
  • My all time favorite mascara that is disappearing from stores.Not easy to remove because it's waterproof. I am always on the water. So, that is a good thing.Makes lashes long, dper not clump, nice applicator is 100% waterproof.
  • This is my all-time favorite mascara and they don't sell the waterproof version of this in any stores near me anymore. It separates my lashes perfectly and lengthens without making them look to spidery. It is waterproof so obviously difficult to remove unless you have a good makeup removing balm. Sad that the only place to purchase this is amazon, and the price skyrockets due to demand.
  • This mascaradefinitely pushes lashes up as well as more expensive brands.Like those brands, it's not so easy to remove.
  • this mascara is barely promoted but idk why its sooo expensive at the drugstores ! so i was glad to find it here for a more reasonable price and i love that its a wet formula so it doesnt clump as most mascaras and the way its waterproof makes me love this even more :)
  • I see comments that the waterproof is difficult to remove.Use Pond's cold cream makeup remover. This mascara will come off super easy and gently without pulling on your eye.Also, I use a lash curler and by mid-day my lashes are straight with or without using expensive mascara brands.Waterproof mascara will keep your curled lashes curled all day.
  • If you like a wet formula for your mascara this one’s for you. i use it every day and it’s a pretty good mascara
  • This is stuff is amazing. I don't say things like that often. It will extend your lashes to look like false ones, yet without looking silly.
  • The best mascara on the market - this one extends your lashes - absolutely love this one
  • I have been finding this mascara every drugstore but never find one. I found it here and I got 5 of it right away! Better than expensive brand. Must have !
  • I cannot find this Mascara in my neighborhood pharmacy anymore.I love this mascara and am glad I found it on Amazon!
  • Great mascara. Cannot find it in any store nearby. Now I have to buy it on Amazon and pay an extra $9.00.
  • Great waterproof mascara that can be easily removed with makeup wipes.Love that it doesn't smudge and I can confidently go swimming with no worry of it coming off.
  • This mascara is FABULOUS!!It is better than the expensive mascaras I've tried.No clumping at all.I layer my mascara and this is the first time I've never had to use a spoolie or eyelash comb.I highly recommend this mascara.You won't be disappointed.
  • Everyone thinks my lashes are fake.I have longer lashes and this gives me control of how longer and stronger to make my lashes. Maybe its Maybelline..
  • This mascara gives high definition impact on your lashes!Serious. Buy it. You’ll love it.If you like a more natural look then it may not be for you.You have your Walgreens brands and then you have your boutique brands.This mascara is almost dead like Benefit’s “they’re real” at a fraction of the cost.I worked at a beauty store that sold all types of makeup from cover girl & maybelline to benefit and bare essentials.I says this so you know I have had the chance to try them all and if you don’t want to spend 20-30$ on a tube then I highly recommend this mascara.I love it and none of my old coworkers think I have switched!Shssss!This is way awesome mascara for a fraction of the cost!
  • BEST MASCARA EVER!!!!! BEST RESULTS WHEN LAYERED!!! People think my lashes are fake allllll the time
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  • Dramatic lift and volume for the falsies push-up effect
  • Our first cup-shaped bristles scoop and lift lashes from root-to-tip
  • Creamy mascara formula plumps eyelashes
  • Removes easily with maybelline oil-free makeup remover
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