Maybelline New York Makeup Great Lash Curved Brush Washable Mascara, Blackest Black Mascara, 0.43 fl oz - REVIEW

  • Love maybelline. I have tried so many other brands. Came back to my teenage years brand Maybelline. My eyelashes come out look and beautiful like I have false eyelashes on for so much cheaper. There was 1 other brand that compared that cost 5 times more and probably went thru 2 of the more expensive one to 1 maybelline
  • Only mascara that actually builds my lashes it takes a few minute but worth it since I have Puny lashes
  • Loved it! Gave me great, full lashes and didn't break my budget to prurchase. A recommended buy for great results at an affordable price.
  • The curved brush is no longer curved much at all, although it used to be. I love this brand of mascara, so I just bend the brush a little (very gently), and it works fine.
  • I have been using this mascara since I was 15. My mom also uses the same mascara. I receive lots of compliments on my eyelashes.It's no surprise why this is a top selling mascara of all time.
  • Got this 2 pack so I can keep one in my purse as I'm always forgetting to put my makeup on before leaving the house (old age thing...) and one to keep at home in the bathroom...It goes on great, no clumping and easily removed before going to bed at night.
  • I have bought so many different mascaras that promise longer lashes & get u sucked in to buy. But I always come back to this mascara it lengthens your eyelashes.Gives them a deep black can't be missed lashes. My mom has worn this since I was little. Should of just listened to mom all along
  • Love it ... used it for years and still a huge fan ... amazing mascara for me at least
  • The reasons why this is the best mascara on the market: 1) the blackest-black color is the best black out there. 2) it's water-based which means you can wash it off with water, without using irritating oils. 3) The water-based formula means you can thin it with water, as with time the opened product will thicken up. I simply splash the brush of the wand with cooled, boiled, filtered water (from leftover water in the kettle, for example), shake off the excess water, and then swish it around in the tube to mix it up. Works perfectly. Do NOT just pour water into the tube; it will get too thin. Just splash the brush and shake off the excess water. 4) the curved brush applies the product much more evenly than a straight brush (but will not curl your lashes. DO use an eyelash curler first). 5) the water-based formula means that the product doesn't smudge onto oily skin under the eyes. (a waterproof product will dissolve in the skin's natural oils.) 6) You can build up the product on the lashes to make it as thick as you want, yet not clumpy. Do NOT let coats dry between adding another coat; it will only clump that way. Keep adding coats, switch from one eye's lashes to the other, while each coat is still wet, until you get the effect you want. 6) It's classic. I have been wearing Maybelline Great Lash for 46 years and over the years 3 different professional makeup artists have asked me what mascara I wear because they liked it so well.
  • I really like this mascara. All it takes is a little swipe and your ready to go.
  • A true classic. Buildable volume and a great layering mascara. Comes off easily. I usually put a layer of waterproof mascara over it to prevent smudging.
  • There are no words...I love the curbed applicator because it allows me to reach delicate eyelashes.It is safe to use and makes my lashes look false lol. Whoop Whoop👏
  • This is the only mascara I will use for the past 10 or so years. Great product!
  • This has always been a dependable brand and I lovethe curves brush, so much easier to apply.
  • The product came early package was in good condition. I’ve been using this mascara since I was a teenager so over 30 something years it’s easy to remove. I purchased the blackish brown, it looks very nice on the lashes. it’s very humid here so it does smudge a little but this product is awesome
  • Been using this mascara for over 30 years.Always receive complements on my lashes.Have tried other brands but always go back to great lash.Great price and great product.Sometimes it’s hard to find the curved brush which I prefer for even application
  • This is the best mascara- long lasting, no flaking, and buildable.And, it's washable, so easy on the lashes.
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  • Curved brush lifts and curls lashes
  • Conditions as it thickens
  • No clumps, no globs
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