Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Volumizing Washable Mascara, Blackest Black, 1 Count - REVIEW

  • i have been using this product for years and i will never switch.i have really straight lashes that dont hold curl well .. but this mascara is perfect for my lashes and has been the only mascara that has ever worked for my lashesthe mascara is not too thick , not too thin texture-wise. the mascara wand makes it to where where you brush the product on your eyelashes, it wont clump up .. bristles on the wand are very small and sturdy instead of brush-like.The only “flaw” I have with this mascara is that it doesnt come off that easily .. when im trying to take my makeup off. Although im pretty sure i was using the waterproof version of this mascara. Just in case this is how the regular version of mascara isnt easy to take off, just make sure you have some good makeup remover / prepare yourself because this stuff is so good it takes a good effort to get the product off your lashes! After i curl my lashes , i put a thin layer of mascara on my eyes to hold my curl in place. I let that FULLY dry (putting wet product on wet product will jus weigh your lashes down) and then go in for a second coat on product. i usually do about 2-3 coats, and it holds my lashes up so well and it last for about most of the day.If you have really straight lashes like me, i really recommend trying this product .. its extremely affordable. Obviously this product will work well on any kind of lash, just wanted to put that out there for the straight-lashed girlies bc it can be very stressful when you cant find a mascara that works! Im not the biggest fan of fake lashes on myself, but i still want that lash curl and volume that false lashes have.~ If youre looking for a non-clump, natural looking mascara, this is for you!
  • I use mascara every day and spend money on make up when it’s needed. But this drugstore mascara is better than the designer ones. I won’t even try other brands now.
  • I had fake eyelashes for awhile and switched to this.Not quite as dramatic,but much better for my lashes!
  • Makes my lashes look so long I use my lash curler and apply a couple coats of this mascara it looks like I have false eyelashes on!
  • I have tried all kinds of mascara from name brands like IT and Thrive, and I always come back to this. I love this mascara. It isn't clumpy and doesn't make me look over done and like I'm getting to hard.
  • i’ve been using this mascara for about 3-4 years now i think and i have genuinely never found a mascara that works better. i can’t remember what it was called but i used a $20 mascara for years and this is 10x better. p much any of the maybeline rocket volume mascaras are fantastic, but i like this one a lot. i don’t know what they put in this mf but it makes ur lashes SO long and adds so much volume (i always curl my lashes now but i didn’t do that when i started using this and it still made a massive difference). i don’t rly think it clumps that much either, it doesn’t clump any more than any other mascara i’ve used. if it does it’s really easy to just comb through it to get out the clumps. if ur on the fence just get it and you’ll see what i mean,, it’s only $6 anyway!!
  • I have been using this for a long time. I’ve tried many others, but always come back. It is my favorite.
  • It’s the best mascara you can get for the money. The wand separates lashes very well and it doesn’t clump
  • This is and will be my favorite mascara. It washes out easily, doesn’t clump. I’ve been using it for 10 years now and hope they will never discontinue this product.
  • This is the only mascara I buy. Been buying it for probably 10 years. I love the applicator. Never clumpy.
  • I read a review in which the reviewer stated that she likes this mascara because it doesn't transfer to her eyeglasses. I totally understand what she means. I've had that happen to me, too. I'm happy to report that it's true. That hasn't happened with this particular mascara. It's recommended that we should apply two coats & not let it dry between coats. It's suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers. It does remove easily.
  • The brush is too big. Max Factor made a mascara with a comb instead of a brush. I wish someone would get smart and bring the comb back.
  • This mascara doesn't seem to bother my eyes any more than my hypoallergenic ic ones, and does give better volume, limited by the lashes one has to work with.
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  • Volum' Express The Rocket Maybelline Mascara: Coats lashes with volume from root to tip. Patented supersonic mascara brush has a hard inner core and evenly-spaced soft bristles to deliver 8X the volume for the most explosive, beautiful lashes
  • Non Clumping Mascara: This volumizing mascara glides on evenly from root to tip for clump-free big, smooth, and even eyelashes featuring best in class volume and length
  • Mascara for Sensitive Eyes: Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist tested. Washable black mascara formula, easily removed with Maybelline Expert Eyes 100% Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.
  • Create any look with Maybelline; foundation, BB creams, concealers, and setting powders for the perfect canvas, eye shadows, mascara, brow pencils, and eyeliners for any eye look and lip products, from showstopping lipstick to plumping lip gloss
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