Maybelline New York Great Lash BIG Washable Mascara Dual Pack, Brownish Black, 0.68 fl oz, 2 Count - REVIEW

  • MY grandma uses this stuff and i dont like the way it looks on her because it looks like spider legs you just have to apply on coat thats all. i decided to try this and i havent had to apply new mascara for 3 days
  • I get so many compliments with this Mascara. Great to lengthen your lashes. The only one I'll use.
  • Great price! I've used this mascara for years, I've tried others but always come back. This is not for thick lashes, but if you want waterproof this is it!!
  • Best eye mascara of all! This mascara gives super thick , long and all day wear lashes without having to have those fake lashes put on that so many girls are wearing. I get the same length and thickness with no phony or cheap look. this is the best mascara in the world and when you buy it you will see the first time exactly what I am saying
  • I have been using this brand of mascara forever. It doesn’t run or smear when you cry or are in the water.
  • This has to be the best mascara I have ever used so far. The wand is a cone shape which makes application very easy. I use it when i don't have lash extensions and i love it!!
  • I've tried other expensive mascaras over the years and was disappointed in all of them.This is the mascara I wore when I was a teenager!After complaining to my sister about not finding a suitable mascara, she said maybe I should switch back to the "pink and green" tube of mascara we all wore when we were young.I didn't know it was still on the market fifty years later.Maybelline has great mascaras.
  • Like this product.Needed to renew what I had.Thank you for the timely and good delivery.
  • I love the small wand that allows easy application, that it's waterproof and the color choices are good but the quality is lacking. It seems to dry out much faster than it used to. I've been using this mascara for 10 plus years but here lately I have to buy a new tube every month versus every 3 months. OverallI still like it.
  • I’ve use this mascara since I was allowed to wear make up in the eighth grade. It’s the one I always use that someone I always will use. I hope they never change the container. It’s just the nostalgiaand I love it. Iit works very well. The mascara is easy to use goes on easily. It’s just perfect works just like it should.
  • This is my favorite mascara. It lasts long, and looks good. Doesn't get crispy or clunky, just keeps your lashes up.
  • My short, straight lashes need a bit more definition than this mascara provides but I love it as a base for my waterproof mascara. Helps the waterproof go on smoothly, without clumps, & makes removal much easier.
  • I couldn't find the curved brush anywhere - I've used this product for over 40 years -
  • Long the pros secret, this Great Lash is even better than the old standard. Fine brush ensures makes every lash stand out. Best product you can buy!
  • This mascara has been around since the 60s. It’s still one of my go to mascaras.Now they have so many more varieties and for the price you can’t beat it. I think it’s ridiculous people that pay $30 for mascara when this brand works so wonderful.
  • I really like this for my lashes and brows. It works best for me if I remove the excess before applying. This is great for those who want a clean natural look.
  • This is the only mascara I will really is pretty waterproof and I got a good price, easy to put on. Haven't used yet but seems right.
  • I have used Maybelline for years. It is pretty expensive now, but not like other mascaras. It goes on well, you can separate lashes with wand. doesn't turn hard on your lashes. excellent product.
  • could use it for everything because it doesn’t dry fast so i love it for my brows
  • I would NOT recommend using this product as a mascara because:1. It does not separate lashes.If anything, the lashes stick together as a few large eyelashes.2. It does not hold a curl or lift the lashes, if anything, the lashes are weighed down by the gel, because the gel sits on top of the lashes, rather than coating them3.It never fully dries down.4.It does not give any kind of lift or volume.Overall, I would not use this as a mascara.What I use the product for is an eyebrow gel, and it works great as such.When using this product, I noticed my eyebrow hairs don't move (unless I disrupt it by scratching near my eyebrow) from the shape I comb it into, and my eyebrows don't get crunchy or stiff.The reason I like this as an eyebrow gel is because the consistency of the gel is not thick.I can brush the wand into my eyebrows and it doesn't become a thick, goopy mess, and because of that, it's easy to work with.In conclusion, overall, this is a decent product, but not for what it's marketed as.I am giving it 5 stars, not as a mascara, but as an eyebrow gel.
  • This is my go to mascara. Always trying others, but this mascara for years has proven to be the best.
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  • Volume-building formula that intensifies your eye makeup look with each coat without any clumps or globs
  • Great Lash Big washable volumizing mascara is suitable for contact lens wearers and is ophthalmologist tested
  • Features a unique Great Big brush that delivers voluminous, bold makeup look without any clumps or globs
  • Great Lash Big washable mascara is available in shades ranging from Blackest Black to Very Black and Brownish Black
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