Maybelline Eyebrow, Tattoo Brow Longlasting Eyebrow Pomade Pot Taupe - REVIEW

  • Love this product. It's twice as big as the one I usually buy. This will last for months.
  • For someone who really doesnt know much about applying makeup,this stuff is awesome!I've been blessed with naturally full eyebrows.Now 48, they are thinning a bit.I don't wear much makeup, so really don't know how to pick it or apply it.I used a brow "tatoo" pencil before,but didn't really like it.Decided to try this and am delighted!I read one review that said to go a shade lighter and I did, which was perfect for a natural look.If you want a severe look or an obvious makeup look, then matching the color to your brows is probably best.As for how it works, I thought it would just color the skin, but it actually sticks to the hairs as well, making them look thicker and fuller.I lightly apply to the hairs, then brush it through so it gets th skin as well, but all very subtle and natural.It feels very soft and stays on all day.No clumping or flaking.I use so little, this will last me forever.Really happy with this product.
  • First I would like to thank the seller for the personal care that you took with your packaging. As for the product; it lives up to the claim of 24 hour wear. I’m well into my second day and it’s stayed on as beautifullyas when I first applied it. I’m still working on finding the right color but that doesn’t take away from this remarkable product. Thank you.
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  • Precision-shaped and evenly filled-in color definition for a fuller, more natural eyebrow look
  • Creamy formula to fill in sparse or thin eyebrows easily
  • 8 colours to suit all skin tones and eyebrow shades
  • Waterproof formula
  • Doesn't smudge
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