NULASTIN Brow Enhancing Serum – Promotes Longer, Fuller, Thicker Looking Brows | Follicle Strengthening Eyebrow Boost with Elastin Technology (2-Pack) - REVIEW

  • I’ve used this product for some time & it does work.Be patient as it does take some time, but it does work ifyou’re willing to wait & watch
  • After about 4 weeks I feel that my eye brows are thicker.I was thinningat the outer edges and now feel I have a more fuller eyebrow and they did get darker but I’m ok with that even though my hair is lighter.I reordered again to keep up with application of 1 or 2 applications a day.
  • This product is very pricey but it does work for me. My brows were getting very sparse and after about 6 weeks of use they looked a lot better. I’m on my second order. It doesn’t last very long, maybe 8 to 12 weeks. I used the first order twice a day. Now I’m using it once day to hopefully maintain my brows.
  • I tried many others and was a skeptic. This stuff works. Or at least is working for me. My practically nonexistent eyebrows are coming in rather nicely.Update: I have brows! I tried all the other stuff, nothing like this. Just give it a go for a couple months. It works!
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  • BROW-ENHANCING SERUM. Promote lusher, fuller-looking brows with our brow-enhancing serum. Made to support elastin for natural, science-backed results — bundle & save with a 2-pack! Each 3ml serum costs less than 1 alone, saving you more when you run out.
  • NEW & IMPROVED SERUM DELIVERY. We've upgraded our containers to offer maximum serum delivery and a better user experience. We read the reviews & took action. New custom tubes are double-walled with precision volume specifications.
  • THICKER-LOOKING BROWS. Ditch the brow pencil — get better results by using 2 of our brow serums back-to-back, rather than just 1. You'll start to see results after the first tube, but the second is when your brows will appear noticeably thicker-looking.
  • SECRET INGREDIENT. Made with a patented technology, our serum uses an elastin protein in a complex chain of 600 amino acids. *Not intended to cure, treat, prevent, mitigate or diagnose any disease, or affect the structure or function of the human body.*
  • BROW-SHAPING BRUSH. Shape, invigorate and boost your brows with the mascara-style spoolie, bringing blood flow to the surface. With medium to soft bristles, the brush holds enough serum for both eyebrows. Remember to wipe excess to prevent dripping.
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