Natural Lashes Wispy False Eyelashes Natural Mink Lashes D Curl Faux Mink Eyelashes Fluffy Volume Cat Eye Lashes 7 Pairs by Eefofnn - REVIEW

  • These are the perfect every day lash. They’re so pretty light weight. I will keep repurchasing this lash :)
  • Love these lashes so much ! They are lightweight and not too dramatic, definitely a every day lash :)
  • Loving these lashes so much! Not too long and not too short! So pretty 😍
  • I really like these lashes because they are true to their design and shape. I bought a similar design from another popular brand on Amazon and it looked horrible so I gave these a try and they look alot better. The hairs do look plastic and shiny but due to their design it makes up for it. The band is very thick though and when I had them on I realized you do need to trim the sides off. These aren’t as long or dramatic as some lashes and I have smaller hooded monolid eyes so it works for me. I plan to use them as clusters.
  • So I have been ordering a bunch of lashes trying to find the perfect everyday ones that give off the lash extension effect and these do just that! For reference I put my lashes underneath so they look like extensions but I was very impressed these look so good I would definitely recommend them💖
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  • Mink Lashes Natural Look: Fluffy faux mink lashes with a unique multi-layered design. Wispy fluffy eyelashes will naturally enlarge your eyes. The fluffy 3D cat-eye style makes it easy to create large and expressive eyes. Handcrafted lashes have a 3D layered effect for long-lasting curl and a natural look.
  • Fluffy Cat-eye Lashes: Fluffy, natural cat-eye lashes improve eye shape, adding a sense of hybridity and mystery. Russian strip lashes with a flared shape with longer outer corners for a feline fluttering eye look. The clear band has an invisible effect to create more natural lash look.
  • Reusable & Cruelty-free: Lightweight and feathery false eyelashes, mink lashes are comfortable to wear without being too heavy. Natural cat eye lashes make your eyes more attractive and can be used to create a charming cat look. At the same time, we do not harm any animals during the process of making mink-like eyelashes.
  • Any Occasion & Super Gift: Fluffy wispy lashes with clear band are like eyelash extensions, but much more convenient and cheaper. It is very suitable for daily work and parties. It is also suitable for the Halloween, Christmas and New Year. Super curly eyelashes and flexible clear band are easy to wear and remove.
  • Guarantee of Risk-free Shopping: Eefofnn have a complete supply chain of false eyelashes and are committed to providing new fashion lashes. We make your feelings about eyelashes our top priority. If you have any doubts about lashes, please feel free to contact us.
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