Obagi Nu-Cil Eyebrow Boosting Serum - Ultimate Eyebrow Growth Serum with Hyaluronic Acid - Dermatologist Approved Brow Serum for Thin, Patchy & Over-Tweezed Eyebrows - Fast Absorbing - 6ml - REVIEW

  • At first I was not seeing any changes but then like the fourth week in, I started seeing a whole bunch of little hairs growing out. And then little-by-little, they started getting darker and longer and darker. And yes, I can definitely recommend this product. My hairs are growing, I have tried a million other products. Is a little expensive, but it's worth it.
  • Have never had luck with eyebrow serums.....eyelash serums, yes.........but Obagi works, slowly ...but it works.
  • I requested a return label because I thought the brow serum wasn’t working. Then, several days later my brows started filling in. It’s not like they’re big and bushy but there’s definite growth in all the areas I applied the serum.I rated it 4 stars because the product is ridiculously expensive. Hopefully there’s a comparable product that doesn’t cost so much.
  • This stuff really works.You put it on at night and within about 2-3 weeks you will notice a huge difference in your eye brow growth.I even had missing spots with no hair and now all if filled in and thick.No more eyebrow pencil.Now I may have to go and have them shaped and waxed.Hair comes in all around the eyebrow so you have to pluck some.Works great but pricey!At this point I may order another one and use as maintenance like 1x per week.I definitely don't need to use it every day.
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