PERMANIA Lash Lift Glue Adhesive, 2023 New Eyelash Lifting Balm Glue,0.71oz/20g Strong Viscosity and Water Solubility for Eyelash Perm Kit (Rose) - REVIEW

  • Do yourself a favor & buy this!I do my own lash lifts at home & although that process is not the easiest to do on yourself, this makes it so much better.I always struggled using lash glue to stick my lashes down (they either wouldn't stay down or I'd have to put so much lash glue on them that it made the lash lift process less effective) This little balm & brush are the prefect combo to get your lashes to stay on the form. Not super sticky and doesn't impede the lash lift product.
  • Nice and tackyYou have to make sure you don’t over do the product use lightly for the desired result.
  • Glue comes in a nice sized circular container. You get 0.7 ounces in the tub. Consistency is awesome. Smells good ( has a mild pleasant scent) and the balm has good moisture and sticks pretty well. It's suitable for lash and brow lifting and is easy to use. Comes with a little brush. I'd give it four and a half stars and recommend it.
  • This product works great. It took me a couple times to get the proper amount of balm to use. But I got it now. I use about 1/4 pea sized amount per rod. A little more than a thin coat, but not gooped on. This will last a long time. My first client with this product complained of itchy eyelids about 2 minutes after applying. So I just wiped out off the back of the rod and get eyelid with a little bit of water and proceeded with a regular glue. The next client I used regular lash lift glue to hold the rod and this balm for the lashes. I find this works perfect for me and highly recommend this product. It is so much easier to clean and leaves no sticky residue. This will make your lifts & tints so much easier from positioning the lashes to clean up. It stays pliable long enough even for a novice, but lashes don't pop off if you used the correct amount. It's pretty amazing. I guess I got lucky with this one because I've seen other companies not have such great reviews.
  • Made my work so much easier!The lash hold on the pad in less then a minute.Saved me time and give a good results
  • Has a nice scent. Comes with a mini brush which is a plus. Hold the lashes on nicely. Easy to use.
  • I got this balm to try and give eyelash lifting a try on my daughter and myself. I haven't used on my daughter yet, but bought some lift pads and used this balm and applicator brush. I did two thin layers and was really surprised at the fact that it held! I ruined my natural lashes 10 years ago due to eyelash extensions, and they've never been the same since. This def helped!
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  • 💖STRONG VISCOSITY - The liquid eyelash perm glue needs to wait for drying to be sticky after applying the silicone pad, and is easy to slip off during use. The new lash lift glue balm does not need to wait, it is sticky in a second.
  • 💖PREMIUM FORMULA - This Lash Lift Balm Glue is rich in vitamins without brittle lashes. Super water soluble, and will not damage your eyelashes during use.
  • 💖EASY TO USE - This lash lifting adhesive is different from after the ordinary eyelash glue dries, it will agglomerate and draw, which not only affects the appearance but also is prone to hygienic problems, which is not conducive to operation.
  • 💖2 IN 1 - 20g large capacity can be used for lash lifting and brow lamination at the same time. Saving money and easy to carry.
  • 💖PERMANIA has been working on improving your experience in perming eyelashes and taking good care of your eyebrow & lash.Is your best choice.
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