PROSA Mascara 4 in 1 maxi volumen Mexican Version - REVIEW

  • Makes my eyelashes super long would buy again Mexican products. Better then high end mascaras makeup
  • I wish it would be a little thicker but does more than other mascaras do. It arrived quickly-thanks
  • Have been using this mascara and it’s definitely a recommendation for anyone who has short lashes! The length it gives and how it stays on. It’s worth looking into.
  • I first found this in my sister's make up kit and tried it out... I was instantly a believer... lol... It's not something we can find locally (a friend of hers from Mexico bought it for her), so I jumped on Amazon to see if I could find it and sure enough I did! I bought two! It's wonderful! Gives me length and just the right amount of volume. Good product!
  • This mascara is AMAZING. Any mascara from Prosa gives you insanely long lashes! Absolutely love this product. Easy to remove at the end of the day, does NOT smudge even in hot weather. No high end mascara. compares to this
  • I have tried every mascara , named brand but this one makes your eyelashes look longer and fuller it’s waterproof it has everything you’ll need for everyday makeup routine!
  • My lashes naturally face down & no mascara out there has been able to keep them curled or up EXCEPT for this one.!!
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