L'Oréal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.27 fl. oz. - REVIEW

  • It really does make my short, stubby lashes look longer!!I like the way the wand applies without any clumps. Very pleased with this product.
  • I love this mascara. The wand size makes it easy to apply to minimal lashes. It doesn’t clump and is easy to remove.
  • I use this product all the time and now order it from Amazon- great product and like the convenience of ordering on line.
  • THis mascara makes me feel like I have extensions. Seriously the best mascara I have found.
  • Headline says it all great drugstore mascara! IChoose this over my better than s*x mascara any day of the week!
  • Yes, the wand ca be a pain in the butt to put back into the mascara but I think the wand is what makes this stuff so awesome. By far the best mascara i've tried. I highly recommend it.
  • This product builds long lashes. A co-worker told me I looked "Glamorous" the first day I wore it. LOL.
  • My FAVORITE mascara EVER!!!! I like to get it on amazon when the price is right! And the price was great this time!!!
  • Will definitely be using this for as long as I can afford! It’s so worth the money but it’s pretty expensive especially if you use two layers! I have pretty long lashes as is but as soon as I put this on it was a game changer! I’ve gotten asked multiple times what mascara I use and I tell them telescopic! It’s also so easy to take off which I love!
  • I've tried multiple mascaras, which ends up being expensive to keep testing over and over, but I think I finally found the one!! This is the best mascara I've used yet!
  • Have short uneven lashes that point straight out. Thanks genetics! I have small hooded lids too and because of allergies my eyes water alot! It doesn't smudge or flake odd. The wand is small and bristles perfect that my lash hair runs through them I swear strand my strand and gets coated. They're lengthened and separated and I curl them up. The wand doesn't take over my whole eye getting everywhere. The only negative is they make the hole too small so fitting the wand back in takes time and patience and a delicate hand otherwise you're going to break the wand off. The company knows this and really should fix it at this point. Don't put it in and just shove the wand. Put the tip in and wiggle the wand slightly around and around slowly and gently pushing it in and it'll go. Or you can remove the stopper inside the rim but then you remove the ability to take off excess mascara from the wand.
  • My eyelashes are always very tangled, but this mascara does an amazing job untangling them. Also, it makes my eyelashes look way longer than they actually are, and it is so easy to use!
  • I’ve used this L’Oréal Mascara for many years. Have tried many other brands, that are usually twice as expensive, but always come back to this one.True that in the last couple of years, getting the applicator back in the tube is a problem, but there are instructions on Amazon showing the best way to do it.
  • Been using this mascara for years and honestly love it.Dont k ow why it is so hard to come by.My favorite is the grey tube.But amazon didnt have it.So got the gold
  • I've used this mascara for many years. It's one of my favorite. I like how you can wear this and get a natural look and also build it up and get a more dramatic look without looking like spider legs. Good stuff.
  • The thin applicator.... I love because with blonde lashes I am able to reach each lash with out getting mascara all over my lids .
  • I have used this mascara for about 15 years now and nothing can compare to it, not expensive stuff, nothing!!! The best, I have had the brush not go back in the tube before, just set it down and walk away then try again. Wierd little flaw, but best mascara and brush in the world!!!
  • Everyone around me kept asking if I have fake eyelashes on...This is my all time favorite mascara!I tried many expansive brands like channel, Bobby Brown, clinique, Mark Jacobs...Surprisingly, a $10 mascara beat them all!The texture is gel-like. The brush looks weird at first: only four rows of bristles,but works amazing because the mascara gel sits in those larger spaces between the rows. It loads it on the lashes evenly, in a nice consistent coat. No need to brush over and over again, just two or three slow strokes (I do, however, try to separate my lashes with tweezers or a comb before it dries out.)This formula doesn't run, flakes, its smudge resistant. (Not tried in night humidity yet).It is definitely lengthening. For more volume I put a coat of volume mascara as a second coat when it dries.
  • I love this mascara!! This lengthens, thickens, and defines like no other. They are now my go-to
  • I love this mascara. It is really good especially for bottom lashes. The brush is perfect to get those bottom lashes with no smudging. It separates, lengthen curls with no flaking or smudging all day long
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  • Intense length
  • Up to 60 percent longer lashes
  • Flexible Precision Brush
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