Perricone MD No Makeup Mascara 0.28 Ounce - REVIEW

  • This goes on well, and doesn't clump of smudge super easy.I like how easy it comes off with only hot water and a make-up towel.I first bought this at Costco for a better price.
  • Love, love this mascara and brush. Glides on evenly and no clumping and lasts all day and most important, does not flake or smear. Note: I prefer using disposable mascara brushes to extend life of mascara and reduce chances of any contamination/eye infection
  • I won’t buy any other mascara after using Perricone. It makes my eyelashes look long and thick but not phony. Love it
  • Wand is great for ease of application and separates lashes. I will buy this again.
  • First I have to tell you that I have eye sensitivity to many eye make up, especially mascara. I have tried a broad range of mascaras and tried so many I have lost count. Most make me want to scratch my eyes due to the burning sensation going on. This mascara went on so easily, no clumping, no smearing and no burning. And it doesn't make my lashes feel like they are "crispy" The application wand is awesome. Definitely one of the better ones I have tried. I will not be buying anything else anymore. I am a new loyal customer for this mascara.
  • This mascara is easy to apply without clumping.My lashes seem to be individually coated and the brush is easy to use.
  • I liked the subtlety of the color, but overall it's no different than anything else, other than the application can be a little bit clumpy, even with the lightest application, and it flakes off before the end of the day. The condition of my lashes were no better or worse after 3 months of use. I expected more for the price.
  • Bought it for my wife and I am still married, so she must like it.
  • When I first applied the mascara it didn't seem like much, but after a couple of coats it does define the tiny lashes and create a fuller effect. Easy to remove. Does not irritate at all. I think it's a good purchase.
  • It looks good with one coat, washes off with water. It doesn’t burn my eyes or affect my contacts.I use their moisturizers also.My skin looks great. People think I’m 15-20 yrs younger.
  • LOVE this mascara!Very clean and lightweight for a “no makeup” look, but also able to build to achieve a more “nighttime look”.Applicator is great because it helps lift my stubby lashes and separate them with zero clumping.Very moisturizing and almost feels like I don’t have mascara on.Stays put on my lashes well and comes off very easily when washing my face.I’ve had it for almost a year now (which is wild) and haven’t run out, nor has it dried out.Definitely would recommend if you’re looking for longer, healthier lashes!
  • My biggest dislike about mascara is the mess it makes when you take it off. But not with this product! What I like best about it is it wipes right off with little to no markings or residue, comes off easily with water. Great every day mascara that won’t turn you into a raccoon!
  • I have used this mascara for years. The brush is amazing at separating, lifting and coating lashes without making them stick together. Somehow the combination of the wand and formula works.Trust me, I have been wearing mascara for 4 decades and this is the best.
  • My new favorite mascara.Love how it goes on so smooth and separates lashes.Looks natural and makes my lashes look longer and thicker!Great product!I plan to try more of this brand!
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