Premium Eyelash Growth Serum and Eyebrow Enhancer by Egeria, Lash boost Serum for Longer, Fuller Thicker Lashes & Brows (1 PCS) - REVIEW

  • I did not see a difference in my lashes the first two weeks but it was because I was only using it a few days of the week and applying only to my eyelid rim. There were no directions for where to apply it to lashes or the rim of your eyelash lid. So I started applying it to both and using it nightly and I haven’t seen any gaps in my lashes from pulling at my lashes. I recommend this if you pull your eyelashes like me and don’t have many, this will help them grow back quicker.
  • It came in 2 pieces which is nice in itself.I like the brush applicator versus the thin applicator.Easier to apply, especially on the eyebrows.It's lightweight and quickly absorbed into the skin and dries fast.No burning sensation or bad reactions.Most especially I like that it does not harden overnight and no crustiness in the morning.There's noticeable growth in the eyelashes; however, harder to determine with the eyebrows since they are thicker.There were no instructions or suggestions on how often to use.Although I only use them at night anyways.
  • I had my daughter try this product.She uses a popular product similar to this and said it was difficult to apply and messy.She said this enhancer is almost like putting on eyeliner and is very easy to apply and does not cause a mess.You just swipe it onto your eyebrows and eye lashes before bed and the consistency doesn't run into your eyes.She has used it for 10 days and can see a difference in the thickness and length of her lashes.She did not see any redness or discoloration around her eyelids or under her eyes.The packaging is very similar to mascara in size. She said this is a great product and it was as if someone took the benefits of the other product and solved the application problem resulting in a fraction of the other problems.She highly recommends this Premium eyelash growth serum.
  • I have been using it on my brows for few weeks. I have sensitive skin but had no irritation to this product. It is not sticky and dries fast. It has strengthen the hair but not much new growth yet. I will keep applying it.
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  • Thicker & Fuller Lashes- Get the lashes and brows of your dreams with LiveLash herbal serum, formulated to promote lash growth and strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows. You won’t need false lashes any longer!
  • Ingredients That Nourish & Strengthen- Formulated with biotin and niacinamide, two key ingredients that promote hair growth, the LiveLash serum is your solution for stronger, healthier lashes and brows.
  • Longer Lashes in 30 Days- With regular use, you can expect to see eyelash and eyebrow growth in as little as 30 days. Simply apply the serum to your lash line and brows twice daily, morning and night.
  • Easy to Apply- LiveLash serum comes with a built-in sponge applicator for easy, mess-free application. Unlike other brush applicators, the sponge tip evenly applies eyebrow and eyelash growth serum in one quick swipe.
  • Safe for Sensitive Eyes- Our lash and eyebrow serum is hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive eyes. Made with natural ingredients, you can use the premium eyelash serum with confidence knowing it won't irritate your eyes or skin.
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