Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara Black - REVIEW

  • This mascara provides such a full look! You don’t need very much and it makes your eyelashes look like you have false ones. Quick shipping too!!!
  • I am obsessed with this mascara. First and foremost, I love that it doesn't clump. I only wear mascara on my top lashes but that never seems to stop it from being under my eyes at the end of the day....but NOT this. This stays on my eyelashes until I wash it off...in the shower...the next morning. Yes! It actually lasts 24 hours, with no clumps or runs. That's bonkers to me. I haven't cried wearing it yet so I don't know if it runs through tears, but I am a teacher so it will inevitably happen and I will update. Paying this much for mascara seemed wild, but it's a big tube and totally worth it. Who even am I?!
  • Not a fan of Selena Gomez in general but her mascara is the BOMB! Makes your lashes look like they were put on and not brushed. Black is black which I prefer. This was harder to find so don’t be fooled by the “mini” that was not worth the price
  • Easily one of the best mascaras on the market. Smudge proof, very water resistant, great volume.
  • I knew, as soon as I applied this the first time, that this is my absolutely favorite mascara of any I've ever used.Seriously, I threw the rest out!This applies beautifully, stays on during the day with no flaking, and is removable with a makeup wipe or soap and water.It doesn't clump, just makes my lashes look gorgeous!
  • The mascara that makes my lashes long, full and non-clumpy looking and smudge-proof! Love it!!
  • This mascara comes on thick with full length lashes. They are not real clumpy. They take several coats to get the long lashes and runs out fast so at $27 a bottle I may have to find something cheaper tho.
  • After hearing so many people rave about this mascara I had to purchase it. I unfortunately didn't love it but it is a decent mascara. Doesn't give length or thickness to lashes doesn't give the dark lash I wanted.
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