Real Purity Lengthening Mascara - Sable Brown - REVIEW

  • I have been using this mascara for years. I love it!!Real purity mascara improved my lashes......longer and softer.No harsh chemicals either.
  • This is the only mascara I’ve used that doesn’t irritate my eyes! I will buy again.
  • I love this color but it doesn't add enough length or volume, so I use it for daytime use.
  • Love the brush…it’s NOT the one pictured it’s actually more of a plastic spikey brush which separates lashes better for me at least.
  • I like the mascara itself the formula is non irritating, I can wear all day at work exactly what I was looking for. However I don’t care for the brush as much, I use my own more bristled brush to apply. I will purchase again. Seems to last awhile too even with my reapplications onto another brush.
  • The media could not be loaded. I've used this product for 15 years or so really senitive to chemicals this is the only one I could use. No smell ,looks great all day love it.
  • I am allergic to many things, this mascara is working great without making my face get welts.
  • Probably better for redheads. I am grey-brown-blonde with v light eyelashes. A light brown does better for me.
  • I had cataract surgery earlier this year, and while my sight improved greatly, my eyes were irritated from trying to wear conventional mascara.I found this product on Amazon and ordered it - WOW!I can put it on easily and wear it all day without irritation to my sensitive eyes.Wonderful product!
  • Pretty good! Was looking for a relatively natural and plant based mascara in brown, and this fits the bill. One coat isn't quite enough for me, but two coats looks great. A little bit clumpy, and a few bits flake off by the end of the day, but not too bad. Overall satisfied!
  • Mid-60s and still want to look good but black/brown mascara is too harsh now. Hard to find brown mascara. If it was water-proof the product would be perfect. Would like waterproof because as a person ages, their eyes start to water (was told by doctor perfectly natural). Have bought before and will buy again.
  • Best mascara for contact lens wearers. No tearing it if I rub my eyes. This is my second order for this great product.
  • I used the mascara yesterday morning. The color was perfect for my graying red hair...a reddish brown. Applied easily and removed easily. Thanks, Kathy
  • I liked the color in the beginning but grew tired of it, I do not think the medium gold sienna color is as flattering as a true brown. It is a matte. I'm light skinned with brown hair and hazel eyes. It would look phenomenal on a redhead though I believe.
  • It is very hard to find a lighter shade of brown. I amfair with blonde hair and wanted to have a more natural look. This is perfect.
  • I wear brown mascara, I am fair with red hair. This mascara is good, the right color, only takes 2 coats and lasts all day.
  • This is the color I've been looking for ! It applies onto the lashes nicely with no clumpingat all !I will be buying from this seller again!It also arrived very quickly --thank you !
  • This product comes in different packaging than pictured. Not a problem with the black tube, but the brush is one of those spiky plastic things, not a bristle brush. The mascara itself applies well and comes off easily with soap and water but, for the price I prefer Maybelline great lash, you can buy 3 of those to one of these.
  • The color is not too dark for my light features.I get a lot of compliments
  • I like this mascara.I already ordered the sable brown which I like.I like this shade becuase it gives more depth to the lashes.I also like it because it colors the lashes with out that fake look some mascaras have.All I want is for my very light lashes to be darker.That is is more than enought for me.
  • I LOVE the "Sable Brown" color, which, as a fairskinned redhead, is flattering and not too harsh like any Black would be. The mascara goes on lightly -- you will want to use several coats for thickening and lengthening. It also removes easily enough with soap and water or make-up remover wipes. Unfortunately it also smudged onto my upper lids on several occasions.
  • This is the only mascara I will use!It does not irritate my very sensitive eyes, goes on without clumping and does not leave me with raccoon eyes at the end of the day!
  • I have used mascara for over 45 years; goes on well and lasts all day
  • I love the brush and the way this goes on. Pretty much in love at first use. Even the container has a pleasant outer soft grip to it. It makes my lashes full and feathered exactly the way I love them.
  • I like that this product is organic and has good ingredients in it. It wears nicely and comes off easily with soap and water.
  • Love this mascara.It really is brown and makes my eyes a lot softer than the black mascara so r the other ones I've tried that say they're brown.And yes, it does lengthen nicely.I've bought twice now and am hooked :-)
  • I was diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome, and told that having eye make-up without certain ingredients would help.This mascara fit the bill and I have been using it for 2 months now.I just LOVE it!I love it more than my drugstore mascara with nasty ingredients.It doesn't smudge or clump.It's dark enough after one application (the first few days I did have to apply two applications).My symptoms have improved greatly after using this mascara along with eye drops.I'm so happy I found this product.(picture was taken after wearing 4 hours)
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  • Pure plant extracts, like sage and ivy, act as a natural plant preservative.
  • Beeswax and candellila wax allow the mascara to provide a barrier against irritants.
  • Real Purity mascaras never clump or flake and all shades are designed to be non-irritating.
  • All of Real Purity’s mascaras are micronized (not nano-sized) and are then coated in Pycnogenol, a premiere anti-oxidant that goes one step further to be gentle on skin and eyes.
  • This formula is cruelty-free and contains NO: petrolatum, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, artificial dyes or artificial fragrances
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