Retinol Face Serum by Pure Body Naturals - Retinol Serum with Witch Hazel, Myrtle Oil, and Ginseng - Age-Defying Wrinkle Cream and Dark Spot Corrector for Eye, Skin, and Face Wrinkles - 1 Fl Oz - REVIEW

  • I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't have skin sensitivity!! It's a great product,but I wasn't able to use it but a couple of times!! But, Retinol is the best for wrinkles!! So if you feel you have no sensitivities with strong Retinol,go for this!!
  • Worked magic on my face , I instantly noticed a difference. The smell was of the product was nasty
  • Inmediatly vanished acne.It was drying to my skin so needed a good moisterized.Skin pores seems smaller
  • My skin feels great - I use it twice a day with rose water facial spray and an anti-wrinkle cream, and my skin has never been so vibrant!
  • I didn’t personally use it but my mother received it as a gift and begged me to get her more after she ran out!
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