RevitaLash Cosmetics, RevitaLash Favorites - RevitaLash Advanced 3.5ml, RevitaBrow Advanced 1.5ml, Mini Double-Ended Volume Set & Signature Cosmetic Bag - REVIEW

  • I really got this for my sparse and patchy eyebrows, but they had a special with the eyelash serum and the eyebrow serum.WOW!My brows grew in great, and I hardly have to fill in any thin spots; but my lashes.....they are crazy.People think they are fake.They look amazing with or without mascara.Makes getting ready in the morning so easy because my eyes are framed so nicely with the fuller brows and amazing lashes.Also, I have very sensitive eyes.This product did not irritate me in the slightest.
  • I have been using these products for a few months. As I have aged my lashes are thinner, much less volume. Within a few weeks I noticed a difference and I don’t wear makeup daily. Now my lashes are very long, they look fabulous. The mascara is not waterproof, which is my usual go to so I just add a top layer which holds up well.
  • My daughter uses these products and told me about them. They worked great for her, but she is in her thirties. I’m in my sixties. I never thought it would work for me. I have dry eyes and my eyelashes were sparse from rubbing my eyes and also a very faint blonde making them almost invisible. After two months use, my eyelashes are now brown and much fuller. They look like the eyelashes I had in my twenties!I have also been using the eyebrow solution and the same has happened for my eyebrows - tremendous improvement. I highly recommend this product!
  • I'm on my 2nd order of this.My eyelashes are naturally very short.They were noticeably longer after a couple months.There is no eye irritation like other lash growth products. I also love the mascara that comes with the combined purchase.
  • Revitalash allows my lashes to grow and not break off or fall out. People ask all the time, “where do you get your lashes done?” I reply, “No where, it’s a product, Revitalash.”I use the brow product too.
  • I’ve used RevataLash intermittently for several years.This is my first purchase of the RevitaBrow.I must say that I’m impressed.My brows were beginning to thin a bit, so I thought I would try this.After only a couple of weeks, I can tell a difference in the thickness of my brows.One con about the RevitaLash is that my lashes are already long.But as one matures, one tends to shed lashes more than a younger person.This conditions them perfectly, but they grow so long that they tend to curl inward.I use a lash curler, and that does help.Overall, I’m pleased with both products.I’d rather have lashes than curl in than sparse ones! 😉A word of caution:make sure that you don’t use this all the time.Like our skin and hair, lashes have a cycle of growth and rest.RevaLash can interrupt this, and perhaps cause damage to your lashes.
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