Revlon Mascara and Lash Guard with Brush - REVIEW

  • I have had a couple of these brushes over the years, so when I saw this package with the lash shield included, I thought, "Ooo! I'll try that."I use a homemade lash shield that I cut out of a piece of thin clear plastic. This looked much more professional :) The brush works just fine, but the lash shield is too thick and the wrong color. It's dark, so you can't tell if you got any mascara on your lower lashes or not. Because it's thick, it kind of pushes up on the bottoms of your lashes, and with my mascara brush, I can't really get the mascara along the sides of the lashes to thoroughly coat them. It might work better with a mascara applicator that didn't have bristles ... but don't most mascaras have bristled brushes? Anyway,I'm back to my homemade version, which looks crummy, but works real well.
  • Perfect for not getting mascara on my puffy eyelids…have been looking for something like this for a loooooong time
  • Works pretty well, the brush is a little big almost impossible to use in my opinion and the guard is a bit flimsy.
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  • Designed to help avoid smudges and fall out
  • The shield can be used under or over eye for mistake-proof makeup application. Use the brush to separate eyelashes and prevent mascara from clumping
  • For a clean application, place the Revlon Mascara and Lash Guard under your lower lash and upper lash line as mascara and eyeshadow are being applied
  • Dual arch depth designed to fit both eyes and all eye types. Fit may vary per individual
  • Latex-free silicone is easy to clean and easy to use
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