Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eye Primer - REVIEW

  • I've tried several and this one works but the shadow stays in place so it's not easy to blend. You kind of need to know what you're doing when you place you shadow because it will move very little in the way of blending.But your shadow will still be there at the end of the day with NO creasing.
  • I love this product. It's getting hard to find! But of course I found it right here on Amazon where you can find ANYTHING!! PLUS it's shipping right to your home
  • SO GOOD! My holy grail it literally glues eyeshadow to your lid without drying. I have slept with eyeshadow on (gross i know) and with this it literally did not budge. No clue why more people don't talk about this such an amazing primer and so cheap. Just really hard to find and shipping took a long time.
  • I've tried both Urban Decay eye primer, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, and this one way out performs those two high end products, by far.I have not tried Milani or nyx eye primer, but I do believe that this one by Rimmel is better based on research I have done.My shadow does not budge.You can still blend your shadow with this primer, but keep in mind you are applying shadow to a matte surface.It is very light colored so it does not change your eyelids too much at all.I'm very happy with it.I was not ever happy with UD or Too Faced eye primers.So yes, buy the Rimmel one.
  • This product is a miracle primer for me. It helps as a base for my eye foundation. I wish they had navy mascara.
  • This is AMAZING. I work in the medical field and need my make-up to stay put for 10-12 hours. This does the trick, and I tried it as an eyelash primer and it works WONDERS to make my non-existent eyelashes hold every inch of mascara, hold their curl, and last all day.I would recommend this 10/10 any day.
  • I have used sooo many brands. From drug store to department store. My eyes are extremely sensitive and there are so many high end brands that I can't use. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. This primer held my shadows in place all day with no fading, creasing, bleeding together or looking dirty by the end of the day. It is just tacky enough to keep your colors in place and they POP! The color is light but translucent so it will work for all skin tones.I cannot say enough about how much I love this primer.
  • I ordered this after no longer being able to find it at my local store. This primer is AMAZING! My makeup would last for days if I did not remove it. Waterproof, crease and smudge proof! It does take a little but of an adjustment to figure out applying makeup over this primer because where you put it is where it is going to stay! Start light and build, mistakes cannot be blended out, you have to wash with remover and start over. My 21yr old daughter barrowed this once and I almost didnt gernot back she loved it!
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  • Helps make eyeshadow last up to 24 Hours
  • Crease, Smudge and Transfer Proof
  • Intensifies Shadow
  • Can be worn without eyeshadow to give a more even skin tone
  • Helps to make your eyeshadow waterproof
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