Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Volume Mascara, Micro-Fiber Formula, No Clumps, Grow-Lash Complex, 003, Extreme Black, 0.23oz - REVIEW

  • This works great my eye lashes have grown so much ppl think I have extensions, forget the fancy high price mascaras this one is better, no clumping no smudging, goes on so smooth!!
  • This is one of my favorite mascaras hands down. Does not clump and makes my lashes look full and long.
  • I like this mascara because it goes on smoothly and doesn't smear. At the end of the day, it is easily removed with a pad and water.
  • This mascara is great it’s very dark, easy to apply, easy to wipe off, doesn’t irritate my eyes and it looks very good love it.
  • I love this mascara, my only complaint is it does get all over when applying . Nothing horrible .That said I'd buy it again
  • My friend told me about this brand and now I have it on subscribe and save! Makes my lashes so long and it’s so cheep
  • I have tried many mascaras in my life & this is the best. Great brush that applies great. Separates & coats the lashes nicely. Has a growth serum that encourages lash thickness without clumping.Have used this many years & definitely my go-to mascara!
  • My lashes are super long but they actually hit my eyebrows with mascara.I love this because it's lengthening and not gloppy.
  • The media could not be loaded. I love wearing this mascara, it’s light and easy to apply/remove. It very rarely smudges (even when my eyes tear up in the cold). Would highly recommend!
  • Love this mascara. I can no longer find rimmel products in area stores. So thankful I can still order on line. This mascara gives great length. Better then most expensive brands.
  • It’s a great value for the money… it makes my lashes look fabulous & there’s no clumping!
  • The brush in this works well for lengthening. It stays on we'll, comes off easily with remover. I wanted more volume and found it in another brand for the same price.
  • With continued use, this mascara really does make your lashes longer & thicker.Since it does so for me at 75, it should work for anyone.It is also a very good mascara, so you can skip the extra step of applying a lash lengthening serum before applying your mascara.
  • I've used many mascaras over the years, as I'm certain you have as well, and I find that this works the best for me. We are all different, our needs are varied, as far as what we look for in a mascara product.You have to keep trying. That being said, this one gives volume and length without much hassle. It stays on but is easily removed with Vaseline.I know some do not use Vaseline for health reasons, however I don't need much so I'm not overly concerned.If you are, then I can tell you I've used a facial cleansing wipe to remove it, which works just as well. I highly recommend this mascara.
  • I love this mascara because it doesn’t flake and it easily allows you to make several layers where you can get just the consistency and volume that you want. The price is unbeatable too compared to the expensive department store brands that I’ve tried all of. Just wish they sold them in stores again. I’m happy just to be able to still buy it.
  • It made my lashes almost double an md with the eyelash growth serum I noticed growth after just two weeks. Downside it can clump if you aren’t careful.
  • This is by far the best mascara I have ever used. I have tried so many, and for my thin/short lashes this works perfect. It gives them length and separates them. I don’t like clumping, and this doesn’t do that at all. Reminds me of the much more expensive Thrive brand.
  • Love that this product help grow longer and fuller lashes. Extreme black looks the best!
  • I absolutely love this mascara! I have light colored lashes and this mascara not only has a great, rich black color but really pumps up the volume. I also have sensitive eyes and this is one of a very few that don't bother me at all. Definitely recommend.
  • I love this mascara so much, dont know what it isnt in stores!? I love that it separates, its buildable( i use with urban decay perversion for more dramatic look)and volumizing. Not difficult to remove🥰
  • This mascara is amazing, great for length…. I always get a ton of compliments on my lashes
  • This mascara is amazing! It lengthens soo well and separates the lashes but not too much so they don’t look at all clumpy but still a bit fluffy! If I ever want huge, long lashes that look like I’m wearing falsies, this is the mascara I’m grabbing. So it’s pretty much an everyday favorite! Also, this mascara doesn’t flake at all or smudge. It lasts all day! Plus, it has lash-grow complex that makes wearing this mascara ALSO guilt-free because while making your lashes look long and pretty you’re also helping them grow! I’ve definitely maintained longer lashes throughout the years and I have to say this mascara has helped! Recommend this mascara to anyone and everyone! Inexpensive and even better than any of my high-end mascaras I’ve tried including Benefit, Lancome, etc! Please do yourself a favor and stop looking, go buy this mascara!! <3
  • I used this mascara for years, then they removed it from the market. I recently discovered it again and so happy. If you want a mascara that lengthens your lashes BIG TIME, then this is the product!
  • It is for length, not volume. I love the brush and formula. I do use it with other products, but this is a staple in my makeup. Hard for me to find in stores. I get the same or better results with L'Oreal primer and this than a lot of the medium/higher end brands.
  • I love, love, love this product.It makes my lashes pop!!!!Without having to have fake eyelashes!!❤
  • This mascara is the best that I have come across to make my lashes look longer & fuller.I had trouble locating it in the stores so I ordered through Amazon
  • The brush is absolutely perfect -- first time ALL of my lashes are coated, separated, and lush without two different brushes and mascara brands, no need for eyelash comb. This one does it all. Lashes stay put, no wilting, no raccoon eyes, gives both length and fullness, and removal is easy.
  • I love this mascara, I've been using it for years. I've tried so many other brands, and while many of them were quite good, this one still easily stands apart. The reason I love it is twofold: the formula itself is smooth and non-clumping, and the applicator is, in my opinion, perfectly designed. I don't have the longest or thickest eyelashes, but this stuff changes that. For me, it's the best one available in drug stores (and definitely better than the "higher end" brands I've tried). Together, the formula and applicator make it very easy to put on (including applying it to the harder-to-reach areas like my inner lashes), and actually allows the mascara to be combed through the eyelashes, separating them rather than clumping them together. It applies well to lower and outer edge lashes, as well, making a look "pop" more. I realize a clean spoolie can help to un-clump clumpy mascara, but the fact that I rarely need to use one at all with this mascara says a lot on its own.
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  • Formula with micro-fibers and Grow-Lash Complex.
  • Extends lashes by up to 99%.
  • Lash-catching mascara brush grabs every lash for perfect separation.
  • No clumps!
  • Only available at Walmart!
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