Rimmel London Wonder Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow - 007 Crave Me Eyeliner Women 0.06 oz - REVIEW

  • Rimmel blew me out of the water with this one, frankly. I've tried a lot of glitter liners over the year, and the most prevalent issues across the board when it comes to glitter liners are 1. lack of pigment/intensity/use of pigmented undertones2. flaking (to due drying inflexibly then cracking) and 3. durability/longevityI have to say, this is by far the most beautiful, longest lasting, and versatile glitter liner I've ever used--and for the price it's unparalleled.You can apply in a line and let it dry for about 10 seconds and it'll stay put. You can also blend it into the surrounding area for a more subtle or highlighted look. The color I use is the white one, which has an almost imperceptible cool-toned lavender under-pigment that really makes it pop. any glitter worth it's salt is going to have secondary or tertiary colors beneath the primary color to add dimension, but too often the secondary color overwhelms the white. Not this one!I cannot recommend it enough. Love, love, love, love this liner!!
  • Best stuff ever Thank you so much for your quick shipping great product. Wonderful packaging will definitely buy from again. These items are so wonderful and it's hard to find in stores. The only place to find them really is online so thank you for your good prices and your good items
  • I wanted a green eyeliner which is hard to find. This color is very pretty and easy to apply!
  • This eyeliner goes on very easily and it lasts all day and into the night.Just a hint of color which makes it great for all occasions
  • have used this mascara a long time.Versatile can be used in a straight or used as an eye shadow.
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  • Bold metallic liner or shimmering glitter shadow.
  • Smudge-proof, transfer-proof, touch-proof
  • Ultra pigmented shades.
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