SPECTACULASH Eyelash Growth Serum – Eye Lash Serum to Grow Lashes – Lash Serum for Growth and Thickness - Crecimiento de Pestañas - Advanced Eyelash Enhancing Serum by DERMAWORKS Skincare & Beauty - REVIEW

  • My eyelashes are naturally short andsparse. They’re so short that even trying to curl them is difficult! I’ve used this every single day for 9 weeks and there is definitely a difference! I’m not sure it helped with the sparseness, but they’re definitely longer! I’ll be using it every day until 12 weeks in hopes they fill in a little more before switching to only applying 3 times a week. I’ve used bimatoprost before, but that caused major eyelid irritation. This is much better!
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  • GROW STUNNING LASHES, naturally in just 60 days with Spectaculash Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum. Our powerful peptide formula really does deliver SPECTACULAR RESULTS; longer, thicker, fuller, eye-fluttering lashes
  • EASY TO USE – Growing long lashes has never been so easy! Spectaculash takes seconds to apply. Use before bedtime and grow longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes in your sleep!
  • PROVEN & TRUSTED – Spectaculash uses an advanced, oil-free formulation with powerful, natural lash boosting pumpkin seed extract to stimulate strong, natural and rapid eyelash growth
  • GO AU NATUREL – Ditch those damaging falsies and extensions. Get great results with Spectaculash. Can be used with a lash lift kit or lash tint kit for even more lash enhancing resultsing your own stunning lashes is EASY with Spectaculashnd naturally using Spectaculash, AS SEEN IN VOGUE MAGAZINE UK
  • SPECTACULASH WORKS – and is easy to use, but patience is required. Spectaculash is a natural hair growth stimulant that works in harmony with your body. This process takes time and can vary depending on your growth cycle and lash condition. PLEASE ALLOW 60 DAYS BEFORE ASSESSING THE RESULTS. We promise that you will be delighted!
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