Naseny Waterproof Mascara Black Volume And Length,4D Silk Fiber Tubing Mascara Lash Extensions Lengthening And Thickening Hypoallergenic Thrive Lash Cosmetics Long Lasting Smudge-Proof Non Clumping - REVIEW

  • I'm a makeup artist, so I have tons of disposable wands. You can buy a great amount on here for little money. I didn't find the wand included in this works for me so switched to using my disposable ones and it applies better for me.This is a great formula! Great pigmentation and staying power.It's a fiber mascara so what happens is you get a coating that is basically a tube like coating on your lashes. Some people don't understand why this doesn't look like the formula they're used to when removing. But either let a warm washcloth with water sit on your eyes for a few seconds and then remove with your cleanser or try a micellar water to remove, also letting it sit on your eyes for a few seconds prior to trying to take off. They should be little pieces, not a smear of color on your skin because of the tubing formula.
  • -And I don't mean "brown-black", whatever that is, I mean brown. It has been very difficult, if not impossible, to find actual brown mascara, especially one that is reasonably priced. Drugstore brands are almost exclusively some version of black (black, black-black, jet black, blackest black?). Black mascara looks harsh and unnatural on redheads, blondes, and other fair-skinned people. I was very pleased with the size of the tube, you get a good amount of product for the money. The brush has plastic teeth rather than bristles but I'm fine with that, it separates better. The formula is also on the thinner side, so you can build without it getting "spider-leggy". Smooth on, dries fast and easy to clean up small misfires. It says it's waterproof and while it doesn't run, it does flake a little with exposure to water. It didn't smudge and was easy to remove with micellar. Great product for the price, so if you're fair and don't want strange-looking tarantula eyes, buy this stuff.
  • I don't wear this color all the time, but it is a really cool color and the mascara is nice quality. I like the brush, and it goes on smooth without clumps. It lasts well, and removes easily with makeup remover. The price is mid range or less for mascara, so I think it's a good buy.
  • To remove it, I could actually pull the product off my lashes like a stretchy soft glue. Weird. Won’t buy it again.
  • The only dislike was to get to many delivery, instead of one ( all inbox )I CAN NOT SAID ANY THING ABOUT THE PRODUCT YET.
  • I am a total fan. I thought it would look weird but it did not. I did wipe my eyes and nothing smeared so that’s great. Also does not have any weird smells. I like this brand.
  • I love this mascara! I have long eyelashes so finding a mascara that does not smudge and leaving me looking like I have a black eye at the end of the day is difficult. This mascara stays in place all-day and love it!!!
  • It didn't lengthen quite as much as I expected, but it is acceptable and a pretty color brown.
  • It’s a tubing mascara and a dark brown color with tiny bristles. I love how it does not dry down too quick so I can separate it so it doesn’t look clumpy. I love the brown and the brown actually shows up on black lashes and also I love how once you apply it, it stays like that for the WHOLE day. It also gives a huge lengthening effect and looks really natural. It is also so EASY to remove as I am washing my face I take it out gently with my finger or rub it lightly and it comes off. I don’t have deal with blackness under my eyes anymore. I love this product and would def buy it again
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  • 【Mascara Black Volume And Length】Naseny waterproof mascara black volume and length,It is suitable for all ages or skin tones.Waterproof Black mascara creat lengthening and thickening eyelashes,makes your eyes more charming.
  • 【4D Silk Fiber】Naseny 4D Silk Fiber Mascara its soft silicone brush head brings mascara from the root to the tip, creat voluminous eye makeup suitable in a variety of settings, work and social events.
  • 【Smudge-proof Non Clumping】Naseny Waterproof black mascara designed to hold a curl without drooping or losing its shape.It also smudge-proof and non clumping which means that you won't have to worry about raccoon eyes or flaky residue falling onto your cheeks.
  • 【Waterproof and Sweatproof】NaSeny waterproof mascara for people who lead an active lifestyle is a great option for anyone who wants to maintain voluminous, curled lashes throughout the day, even in humid or sweaty conditions.
  • 【Natural without Irritation】The fiber mascara made of pure natural plant ingredients, no irritation and doesn't hurt lashes, can easily remove and no residue.
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