Skin Research Laboratories neuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum - REVIEW

  • Lol! I must have rubbed my eyes after using this product (I was using it before bed) and it worked so well that I started growing hair on my cheeks where I guess the serum rubbed off 😂
  • This is my lashes after 6 weeks daily use. My real lashes had about 30% left after I plucked most of them out with the extensions lashes. Im happy with this product.
  • This is my go to without a prescription. I don’t know how, but within days my lashes are healthy and significantly longer. I can count on it.
  • This is a great over the counter serum, but it doesn't work quite as well as Latisse. It does work much better than Rapid Lash. My ophthalmologist told me to stop using Latisse because it was too irritating and he approved this product. It took a few months, but it did make a difference.
  • after I let my extensions go - I was worried but my lash tech sold me NeuLash and the results were amazing!even used it on my brows (same thing - don't buy special) and my lash tech, who also waxes my brows, was impressed with both lashes and brows!ran out and have not been using it - have to start again:( So worth the $$!Be patient and use consistently for best results!
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