St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion - REVIEW

  • I have used many products for tanning over the years, but nothing beats St. Tropez. The result is natural looking and not the least bit orange. I wear laytex gloves to apply the lotion and blend it well on my legs, arms, and chest. Make sure you have your skin moisturized with a good lotion or cream before applying the tanning lotion. It has a very pleasant smell and doesn’t rub off on clothes if you allow it to dry completely. You only need a small amount to apply for best results.
  • I’m very pale, with a redhead’s complexion. This is the first product I’ve used that looks natural and doesn’t streak.
  • I like this lotion. If I use disposable gloves, I am able to get it smooth. I won’t have lines or streaks. I love the color and the compliments I get when I use it.
  • You might think it’s pricey but this is a great product! I get daily complements on my “tan”. The key to no streaks is using disposable gloves and rubbing it in thoroughly. Don’t be frightened by the dark color in the tube. It’s a beautiful golden tan!
  • I love this product and have been using it for years. However I’m sorry to see that the dark bronzer is now only available in the Mouse. I purchased it and returned it very staining to the hands. I do not want to use gloves. I’ve then bought the medium cream which I love just as well. Out of any tanning lotion I have ever used this is by far the best. A little pricey but it goes a long ways. I like also that I’m able to wash it off my hands I do not need to wear gloves. It spreads on quite evenly without any effort not leaving any streaks if you’re sure to blend it. I can actually put it on and shower two times before I have to reapply. By that I mean I do not scrub my body where the lotion has been I literally let the water run off of me and I pat myself dry. I wash the important parts LOL. I’ve thenapplied light Body lotion. I also love the fact that unless you’re sweating it really doesn’t come off. Not even when you’re sleeping. I have had spray tans and woke up in the morning to have my bed brown. I do not have that happen with this lotion. Give it a try I think it will be your favorite like I said it’s a little pricey but I think it’s worth it. One bottle last me the whole summer.
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