Black Lash T-i-n-t Kit, Keratin Black Eyelash D-y-e and Eyebrow T-i n t, 6 Week Voluminous Brow T-int, T-inting Look For Lash Perm/Lift/Lamination Treatment (Black Eyelash T-int Kit Only) - REVIEW

  • I started tinting my brows at home a couple years ago to save money, so I decided to try doing my lashes as well. I’m so glad I did. While it’s not the fastest process, because you have to do one eye at a time, it’s really easy. I just apply it and then go lay down on my bed for 15 mins with both eyes closed. I just do a nail size squeeze of the dye & developer then mix for a few mins really well. It comes with a little measuring thing to mix with, eye pads, applicators, q tips. It’s perfect!It’s much easier to keep the eye with the dye on closed if both eyes are closed (trust me) lol. So I just use it as a time to relax. They are really dark & look just as good as when I was paying someone to do them. Only now I’m saving myself $50 every few weeks. Make sure you mix the developer and dye really well. It will look really light for awhile. The box says mix 15 mins but no one has time for that lol. That’s excessive. The dye will develop on the lashes just fine. Surprisingly this dye doesn’t burn THAT bad either like some have done to me. Since it’s hard doing one eye my eye I’m trying to keep closed well inevitably come open a little. That’s why I just have to lay down with my eyes closed until my timer goes off.Anyway, I was skeptical about buying on here in fear I might go blind HAHA. But this one is safe girls. I tested it for you so you don’t have to worry. I’ve done my lashes twice now. No problems.
  • It does work, but very hard to do by yourself and its very time consuming. Highly reccomend having someone help you so you can do both eyes at the same time
  • I just applied it like mascara but I did multiple coats to make sure it was completely covered. This is the best thing iv ever bought!! My lashes are naturally blonde and this was so easy and fast. Took me like 5 mins to apply. BUY THIS NOW!!!
  • Easy to use and last about 4 weeks. I have done it twice and I am careful but it hasn't burnt my eyes. I would buy again.
  • Being a natural dirty blonde, my eyelashes and brows tend to disappear on my face. I started using this tint kit late last year, and since then have stopped using mascara. Still have plenty of both tubes as reapplying really isn't necessary all that often to keep your facial filaments dark and popping!
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  • Complete Black Lash Coloring Starter Kit-- Professional Usage or Make up at home includes: Black Coloring Cream , Developer-Oxidant 3% (10 VOL)1.7oz, Mixing Brushes and Dish tool
  • Lash Lift and T-int Tool --To work with your own lash lift kit,15 minutes time and 6 weeks Glossy black coloring lash.
  • LONG TIME LACK LASH COLORING---Keep the lash black for 6 weeks. Simple way to change the eyes more beautiful instantly. Say goodbye to lash extensions or heavy mascara.
  • VISIBLE RESULTS AT ONCE: Great fuller starter kit for an eyelash T-inT and dye, make your lash into a glossy volume and longer looking. You could see different at once. Voluminous and Black!
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME--This Black Keratin black T I N T kit is good for Social activities. easy to DIY at home, you could invite your friends and do this lash makeup each other at home. Good for friendship!
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