Tarte Sugar Rush Lash Smoothie Volumizing Hemp Mascara, Full Sized, 0.3 oz - REVIEW

  • Received this in a sample form and decided I must have it in the larger size.It doesn't say it's water-proof but it is.Instantly makes a long lash, love it!
  • My favorite mascara!!! Lengthens big time!! I’ve gifted a lot of these. Best thing that’s happened to me makeup wise in awhile.
  • I'll preface this by saying i usually buy mascara at Walmart.So there's that.I got a sample of this mascara in an Ipsy bag and loved it so i ordered some.I've never spent this much on a mascara in my life,but it's so worth it! It's easy to apply and doesn't clump at all. I will definitely suggest it!
  • I love my Monsieur Big mascara from Lancome.I received a sample of the Sugar Rush Smoothie Volumizing mascara and now this is the one I grab on the daily.Doesn't smear, run, or clump!My new favorite!
  • My daughter is very picky about mascara, she doesn’t like the clumps that most give when applying a second coat or even the first coat. This one applies very nicely not chunky. It doesn’t flake or wear away. She is a dancer and it looks just as good when she’s done dancing after 4-5 hours…in the humid sweaty rooms.I originally purchased for me but you know how that goes with girls! I was not disappointed and neither was my girls.
  • exactly what i was looking for, i love the way my lashes look with this mascara
  • Received this product in my Ipsy bag and had to buy it when I ran out. This mascara stays on good and increases the length and fullness of my blonde eyelashes.
  • It nourishes and revitalizes my lashes keeping them strong and looking good! At the same time you get the added benefits while applying your every day wear mascara with this product. So it’s a two-in-one dual purpose mascara that helps keep my lashes looking amazing. It’s buildable application is great at volumizing and lengthening!
  • I absolutely love this product! It lengthens my lashes with little effort. My new favorite for sure.
  • I received a sample size of this brand that I love, but this type wasn't as nice.
  • I received this product intially in a monthly ipsy bag years ago. I loved it and ran out and had a panic! I've never experienced a mascara such as this one. Upon further research, I discovered this was a "Tarte" product. No wonder it worked great. Tarte products are always top notch. I buy this every 6 months religiously. It worked great for me and made my lashes long and NOT clumpy. The wand included is different but it makes for long, wispy lashes!!!!
  • This is the only mascara I will use. It makes my lashes look incredibly thick and long. It is a bit pricey, but well worth it.
  • This is by far my favorite mascara. It goes on so smoothly and lasts all day. Very easy to remove.
  • I absolutely love this mascara. I have SUPE sensitive eyes and eyelashes. It is extremely difficult for me to find a mascara that I can use without damaging my lashes or irritating my eyes! THIS PRODUCT DOES NEITHER!!! So PLEASED! Worth EVERY penny!!!
  • Out of all the mascaras I have tried this is my favorite. I have tried A LOT. I have had Ipsy for 10 years so I have tried tons. It makes your lashes look fuller.Doesn't really lengthen but gives them a slight curl. Doesn't clump. The only thing is after a couple hours it kind of smudges under your eyes. However I am 46 and starting to age so I wear TONS of moisturizer. I do put powder under my eyes but it still happens. Also it's hard to remove. I still love it until I find the perfect one. This is my go to.
  • I have been using this mascara for a few years now.Makes it look like you are wearing false lashes.No clumps.Beautiful long lashes
  • I ordered it because I had gotten it in an ipsy shipment and loved it. It isn't clumpy, but is volumizing and the brush is perfect. Also waterproof if I remember right. Everything it claims it is, it is. I love it. My favorite mascara and I have tried many kinds.
  • I do buy occasionally. I do like the way it does give your eyelashes volume but it doesn’t lengthen very well. My cheap pink and green maybeline lengthens much much better. But if you’re interested just in thickening your lashes then this is perfect
  • I love how this makes every lash come out, however, it does clump...even on the bright itself. I usually just use another light mascara immediately (or just a mascara wand) to smooth it out
  • i used this mascara like a year ago from an ipsy bag and just didnt have the money for it till recently and IM SO HAPPY I GOT IT BECAUSE ITS THE BEST THING IVE EVER USED ITS ALSO GOOD FOR UR LASHES
  • love this mascara and noticed a difference when I applied.My eyes stopped being irritated and it does not have a feeling of heaviness like others yet gives you extremely beautiful lashes and the best thing is that it is safe.
  • I get loads of compliments when i use this mascara!!Stays put! No flaking or smudging, doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, and removes easily with cold cream or eye makeup remover (quite a bit easier than other brands).I received a sample of this from Ipsy and from the very first day I started using it I got compliments about how awesome my eyelashes look, even from people in passing.
  • Love this mascara. I have been using it for over a year now. It is easy to apply and makes my lashes look full long and fabulous!
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  • Tarte Sugar Rush Lash Smoothie Volumizing Hemp Mascara
  • Full Sized, 0.3 oz
  • Boost & reboot your lashes with Tarte's Sugar Rush - Lash Smoothie Volumizing Hemp Mascara - a volumizing, curling & conditioning mascara!
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