Tattoo Cover Up Concealer Sleeve (2-PACK), Upper Arm or Calf coverage, UPF 50 Protection, Slip Free, for Men & Women (Unisex), BLACK, LARGE - REVIEW

  • Used these to shield a new tattoo from the sun for ~ 3 hours and worked great.
  • i love these..i actually bought them to hide my flabby arms..i have NO works great
  • The seam end close to the armpit rubs and is annoying. I work at a shipping warehouse, and I use my arms a lot up and down. These slide off a lot and constantly have to keep pulling them up.If you have a desk job or light duty they would be more practical, not a more physical job.
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  • 2 half sleeves per package.
  • Same fabric and design as the full sleeve, but in a half length.
  • Cleanly covers the upper arm to the elbow. Or, can be positioned to cover to just below the elbow for 3/4 length tattoos
  • Cleanly covers lower leg from the base of the knee to the base of the Calf
  • Perfect on occasions where visible tattoos are unacceptable
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