Blinc Amplified Tubing Mascara, Ultra-Longwearing Washable, Soft-Glam Volumizing, Lengthening and Defining, Gluten & Cruelty Free, Black, 9mL / 0.30 Fl. OZ - REVIEW

  • I had used this brand before in black.Was excited to find it in a dark brown. I love how it gives my lashes a boost without look fake or heavy. Removal is easy and it doesn’t smear!I love it!
  • I love mascara that is tubing because I have found that I feel no irritation from it like I do other mascaras.This has been the best brand I have found of this type of mascara.It does require make up remover to get it off or a warm shower will typically take it off if I have been wearing it all day.No smudges, no running, stays put till I want it off
  • Blinc mascara is the only mascara I have been able to wear in recent years.Any other mascara now runs on me.This mascara stays put and yet comes off easily at the end of the day.Highly recommend.
  • I have sparse and fine lashes and every mascara I’ve ever had clumps no matter what it advertised. This one is very thin like almost watery which I love. It goes on so smooth and still has great coverage and the tubing is the absolute game changer if you always get raccoon eyes. This does not run and is water proof but they slide rightoff with some warm water and a little rubbing.
  • Recommended to me by a makeup artist years ago. It does not smudge and easy to remove. Will always be my favorite.
  • As someone with chronic dry eye, I have found a lot of drug store mascaras to be more irritating to my eyes, particularly the ones that flake. My ophthalmologist recommended that I try Blinc mascara. It really does create tubes around your eyelashes that are super easy to wash off...the tubes just slide off with soap and water. I haven't noticed any problems with flaking and my eyes are less irritated when using this product when compared to regular drug store mascaras. I have reordered this product.
  • Wears all day no smudging.Splash with water and light patting with towel and it is all gone from lashes so you can sleep.perfect!
  • The only mascara that doesn't end up under my eyes. Gives a soft lush natural look, no crusty spider lashes here. Does not irritate my eyes and comes off so easily with water. Love this stuff.
  • I’ve been using this for years, it goes on smoothly, doesn’t smudge and lasts all day, even when I’m outside a lot with the horses.
  • Absolutely love it! Zero smudges. My lashes hold the curl all day & it comes off easily, without a mess.
  • Because this is "tubing" mascara, there is NEVER a racoon eye situation! If you are prone to that, you need this stuff. It cleans off in little chunks with water, and if you cry or get them wet... it just brushes off your cheek. Life changer.
  • Does not smear with sweating, light water.Comes off like a tubing with warm water and lite rubbing.You need to be gentle.
  • Best mascara ever . For years I could not wear mascara because of my oily skin.It would smudge or run .This product does not do that and it comes off easily.
  • Not the best for length or volume but does the job and last a while
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  • Volumizing, lengthening, defining, curling, mascara
  • Forms tiny water-resistant tubes around your lashes
  • No makeup remover required; comes off easily with only water
  • Packaging may vary
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