WUNDERBROW Makeup Lash Extension Stain Mascara, Black - REVIEW

  • Finally a mascara that will stay put all day. I have natural long lashes that touch my skin so most mascaras will eventually cause racoon eyes, but this stays put all day, even sweating! I used a lash tint that was discontinued years ago and have finally found a replacement!
  • One of the best mascara’s I’ve ever used.It doesn’t say ‘waterproof’ but this stuff is pretty difficult to get off w/ make-up remover so tears are no match for it!Last all day and then some.If I go to bed without washing my face (yeah yeah yeah) because I’m STIIIILL waiting for my daughters to get out of the bathrooms, it’s still perfectly on in the morning.Also, if you’re a contact wearer, you’ll love it...NO FLAKING!Get it, you’ll love it
  • I really like this. It doesn’t stay as long as I’d like but it’s smooth and doesn’t smudge. Separates a lengthens lashes nicely.
  • I was not sure if I should try this product as some of the reviews said it flaked off and didn’t last . I’m glad I bought it . I’m in my 60’s so I haven’t got the thick dark lashes anymore . This product looks very natural as it doesn’t clump up . Will be buying this again for sure.
  • At first I didn't like this because it's not what I was looking for. I wanted a 'stain,' something that just darkened my lashes and didn't wash off... an alternative to having them tinted for the summer. That is NOT what this is. It coats your lashes with fibers and leaves them stiff, and lasts until you take it off. It might come off a tiny bit on the tips after two days, but not much. I was annoyed initially because stiff and clumpy is more or less the opposite of what I wanted, but after three or four uses I figured out some tricks that help a lot, and now I love this stuff! First of all, use a primer or clear coat first and comb to separate. And curl first, before you apply the Wunderbrow Extension Stain Mascara. I work on one eye at a time, from start to finish, so I don't get caught up in tweaking one side while the other one dries wrong. Then I use a tiny pin to separate any lashes sticking together. It takes a couple of applications to get the hang of it, but I'm actually reeally fussy about clumps, and it looks good even if you're not a perfectionist.
  • This is the best mascara I’ve used. But it’s not really a mascara it’s literally a stain for the eyelashes! So it’s not something you’re going to remove easily without the right remover. It never smears or smudges like waterproof mascara tends to do. It will last more than a day if I keep from robbing my eyes! Lol. The best remover I found for it is one that’s oil free but looks like it has oil because it separates and you need to gently shake the bottle to mix the two parts. L’Oréal has one but there are many generic versions as well, including Walmart Equate brand.
  • There isn’t a better lash tint. I’ve look! This mascara lasts and it’s closest competition cost $50 and wunderbrow beats it by a mile. It won’t smudge or budge at all. Which means your gonna have to use makeup remover to get this off. Best price- best performance. Great product.
  • The media could not be loaded. MY LIFE SAVER! If you are looking for a “mascara “ that doesn’t come off through anything this is it. I can swim , shower twice a day ,sleep , Texas humidity all day long multiple days and this doesn’t budge . Very rarely I will touch up the tips.By day 3 it does have a tinyy amount of flaking but I have left it on longer. NOW… getting it off. HA… Any type of oil works. Coconut oil works the best I have found leave it on in the shower and then using a washcloth works the best. Does tint as well. My eyelash haven’t shown any signs of damage to them . Just be gentle . Also a little goes a long way. start with light light coat then go back through 2max. If you get it on your skin wipe off immediately. Or it’s stuck . (IF YOU WEAR CONTACTS.. do them without them in just incase you get it on them. ) I’m going to use this forever. BEST “MASCRA” just trying to set others up for the best results ! Hope this helps someone! This was the only good close up video I had.. sending someone a Snapchat about it so here you go Amazon 😂
  • Probably could have worn longer but I had to see if was hard to remove. I use Neutrogena oil free remover worked fine. It looked like some remained on washed lashes but there was none. Put on one thin layer from root of lash to end and one quick extra stroke to the ends. This mascara even went through two showers (with no soap only water) and it stayed on perfectly. I just cleaned around my eyes with water morning and night and had no racoon look. 3rd day looked like the first. If you get any on your lid while applying i suggest you remove it as quickly as possible. My lashes felt like plastic. I would recommend with caution different than any other.
  • Love it! Works as advertised! Fuller thicker lashes, lasted all day and into the evening while outdoors at the pool & beach during a Caribbean vacation.
  • This product works wunders :-) for me. Cancelled my plans to have eyelash extensions from salon.
  • First of all, this does what it says: it stays put IF you don't wash your face for three days.If it gets wet, it's not a big deal - maybe a little bit of transfer - but if you WASH, you might need to either go clean and start over OR brush out your lashes.This stuff has staying power so your response to a dunking depends on your preferred look.As a couple of other reviewers have mentioned, you might want to blot the wand at first. It can be clumpy the first several applications also - this stuff dries FAST!!!Have a spoolie close at hand to comb out any clumps if you don't want to have to start all over.It's pretty great for traveling.Maybe dust your lashes with loose setting powder before applying for a cleaner look, longer.An overall great product.I purchased it a while back and only just found it in the bottom of a different makeup bag.Buying another one today - because it's that good.
  • I Love this product!Once you get the hang of applying it , it stays on until you take it off, I use baby oil.I usually use a tissue to blot off the excess after I Have Scrappedthe wand on the side of the tube. Then you are good to go!
  • Make sure you use a good eye makeup remover. It says you can wear it for more than 1 day but when I tried to leave it on it flaked overnight.
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  • An easy alternative to lash tint: this mascara lasts for up to 3 days!
  • Totally waterproof mascara! Get natural looking lashes with this length and volume black mascara that doesn't smudge for up to 72 hours!
  • Get 3D length - with mini volume lash extensions built into the mascara, it's an easy alternative to false lashes!
  • If you like your mascara black, try this intense black stain finish. Remove with an oil-based remover.
  • Wunder2 is Cruelty Free certified by Leaping Bunny - the best way to know that your makeup is not tested on animals. Made in Italy.
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