Microblading Supplies Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil - 12 Piece Brown Brow Mapping Pencil Set For Marking, Filling And Outlining, Eye Brow Liners - REVIEW

  • I really like using this for my eyebrows it’s so much more easier to use but it is not waterproof as stated.
  • I would have given this item 5 stars had I received the color that I ordered. I ordered Dark Brown but received Brown.I will keep them Just have to do an extra step and had a darker brown over top of it . Overall it's a good product.
  • the pencils glide really smooth on the brow, and it’s super easy to use and I like how you can make the pencil as thin as you want and it stays all day.
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  • Flawless Eyebrows Are One Click Away: Do you want your eyebrows to be on fleek? Whether you want to Outline, Microblade, or make your natural eyebrows appear thicker, these waterproof eyebrow pencils are just what you need for flawless results every single time!
  • Upgrade Your Makeup Collection: The complete peel-off brow pencil set includes 12 brown waterproof eyebrow pencils and 2 razor blade sharpeners. We undoubtedly have the right color to fit your natural or microbladed eyebrows!
  • Waterproof and Long Lasting: Does your makeup get smudged by the end of the day? These eyebrow pencils are 100% Waterproof, so they will stay in place and won’t fade, even if you get wet or sweaty. Your eyeliner may be ruined, and your blush and lipstick may be gone, but your eyebrows will still be Thick and Perfectly Shaped until you decide to remove the eyebrow pencil makeup with a makeup remover.
  • Fast And Easy Sharpening: Is it time to sharpen your brow pencils? All you have to do is pull the string on their side and peel the excess off. You can then use a small sharpening blade and carve the tips of the professional eyebrow pencils to give them the shape that best works for you. That was easy, wasn’t it?
  • Risk-Free Purchase: Here at Stylia Beauty we take pride in the quality of our waterproof microblading eyebrow pencils, and for this reason, we have backed up this amazing eye brow pencil set.
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