Rimmel London Wonder'Full 24HR Eyebrow Mascara, Long-Wearing, Waterproof, Smudge-Proof, 002, Medium Brown, 0.04oz - REVIEW

  • I have dark blonde hair and medium brown brow mascara is the perfect color. The short brush applies the right amount of brow gel so that my brows are colored but not saturated. The gel keeps my brows looking great all day. It doesn't smear or smudge but removes easily with face wash.
  • I don’t generally use brow mascara to make my brows bushier but I decided to try this anyway, maybe I was missing something. This does stick to my brows quite well and it goes on easily without paying homage to Groucho. What I really like is it lightens my brows just a touch as they are still color they were when I was in college unlike the hairs on my head. It isn’t much change, it’s subtle which is what I wanted, so now I’m hooked. The tube is about 1/2 the size of a mascara, as is the wand. This can also be used as a mascara. It cleans off easily.
  • I've always like Rimmel products, and being a redhead with light brows and lashes, this does a nice job and really does stay put after it dries. Just make sure you have a light hand as you can easily add too much. Comes off best with makeup remover or baby wipes - but does hang on through sweating.
  • I almost have no eyebrows unfortunately. But this brow gels with fibers help my eyebrows to look longer and fuller. Of course you have to have some eyebrows to start with. Overall, this eye brow gel with fiber product from Remmel is inexpensive, works great on me!
  • I found "Medium Brown" shade a little lighter than expected and it didn't seem to provide the coverage I was hoping for. The mascara is easy to use, and the brush is small enough to do a good job without smudging. I'd try a darker shade to see if it works better for me.
  • I definitely like how it attached itself to my eyebrows.. I think I would need a darker shade but I like this product😌
  • Wife says "I put it on and forgot about it and it was still in place the next day" Looks good on her as well. Did not get all over the pillow cases or anything.
  • I have pretty bushy brows, so I normally just run a gel through them to fill in any spots and just to keep them in place.I really like this one.The color was a little light for me, but that is the shade not the formula.I like the little wand and it was easy to use.
  • I started with the dark brown and it’s actually black I think.Then I went to the medium brown, and I fell in love with that, even though my eyebrows are super dark, I would recommend going with medium, unless you want or you have black eyebrows.Easy to use, no mass, has lasted a while, over a month so far.No dipping in any gel, don’t have to use a pencil.Perfect for my needs
  • This product defines my brows beautifully.I'm not very adept at using make-up but this is easy to use and gives lovely results.
  • For a 4 dollar product I must say it works pretty good by plumping up my brows, and is good value for what it’s worth. But I cant say its AMAZING either. I was expecting it to add more volume and fluffiness but even fades away after a few hours. At least its cheap and adds some color- no need to fill in with a pencil.
  • It's very easy to use and sets my brows in place. It's also waterproof and lasts the whole day. I use it under my CoverGirl Easy breezy brow powder kit in Rich Brown.
  • I’ve tried 20 different brow gels but always come back to this one. It’s the only brow mascara that makes my eyebrows look realistic.
  • I wear contacts lenses and I’m very selective with makeup product.This is a good product that works for me:- Easy to apply- Nice texture and smell- doesn’t not irritate- waterproof and stays on
  • Doesn't clump up (on early use anyway), went on smooth, works well, and lasted all day with no issues. She has no complaints, and neither do I.
  • OK, this is awesome.this is my new go to for brows.fuller brows are in right now, so you don't need a fine point pencil these days, this works great, and as I am getting older I find my brows have lightened up a lot, this goes over the hairs individually and makes them darker and more noticeable.I am very happy with this product and I will buy again.It is theperfect shade for me as well.It also last a long time.when you first start using it, make sure you brush the brush a little, so as not to put too much on.
  • I used to have very dark eyebrows but over the past few months, I have noticed the color getting lighter and lighter. I never needed such a product before and this was the first one I tried in a long list of products but in the end, I came back to this one. It has the most natural look and is the easiest to use out of all the ones I tried. It really filled in the lacking color and I never once had a mess. It stayed on all day and never wiped off when I would forget and scratch my face or something. I would highly recommend this. I wouldn't buy any other brow mascara.
  • The RIMMEL LONDON Wonder'Full Brow Mascara is fairly easy to apply to thinning eyebrows. It adds a lot of color and the application brush is good at pinpointing just the right places to apply. It is a little thick and I like to use by eyebrow brush to smooth it out a little. It dries hard and lasts all day. The Medium Brown color was a good match and looked fairly natural. I am pleased with the mascara, especially the ease of use and longevity.
  • My favorite eye brow gel!Thickens so I only need one step,if I am going out or it’s a special occasion I can also add some powder or pencil.For everyday I think this stuff is perfect.
  • I have a fair complexion with thick brown brows and this brow mascara goes on easily and makes my the look full and evenly colored. I do wish the tiny brush tip was a little bigger, but other than that I like the results.
  • My daughter always needs to darken her eyebrows when she has a dance performance. This brow mascara is a good product to do that. She normally uses pencil, so this was a change she had to get used to . She says it feels heavy, like she has loaded her eyebrows with hairspray. Once she got used to it though, she wasn't too bothered about the way it felt. The color is perfect for her. Darker than her natural color, which is exactly what she needs to help her eyes and brows show on stage. It is fairly easy to apply by just brushing it on the hairs. It holds up well to her being active and stays put until she removes it with a makeup wipe. It doesn't take much to get the job done and this tube should last her through many shows.
  • I like that I don't really need more brow, but this enhances my brow hair that I have and colors in the gray ones.
  • Perfect brow gel to give you that natural look without looking like you drew on your face with a sharpie. Goes on thick enough to give you natural density. You control the sheerness. Love this product. Great value
  • I like the fiber-type eyebrow products because I have really fine hair. Definitely a good buy for me. Gives a really good amount of color, so if you already have thick eyebrows, this may not be the product for you.
  • Couldn't find a brow makeup that worked.This is the only one that works for me.Love it!
  • This is absolutely wonderful. It fills in bare spots fast and holds brows without being stiff.
  • This is just the best product, and at a very reasonable price. After years of plucking, trying to get a good ‘arch’, using an eyebrow pencil, along comes this great brow “mascara” that lets you easily shape your brow into a neat, soft, lovely shape. Just go with what you have, because this formula is light but defining, and you can use the brush to sweep up and out. It’s not goopy, it stays all day, and it looks natural. Washes off easily with soap & water. Perfect.
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  • Infused with a Brow Boost Complex, Biotin and Collagen.
  • Flower-shaped fibers for full yet natural-looking brows.
  • Infused with 4 luxurious oils: Argan, Maracuja, Marula & Camellia oil.
  • Tiny tapered brush for easy, mistake-proof application.
  • Up to 24hr wear.
  • Smudge-proof, fade-proof and waterproof mascara.
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