Deluxe Tanning Mitt - REVIEW

  • I bought this mitt along with Xen-Tan's new dark tanner and I'm so glad I used it! It helped me to apply the product pretty easily and I didn't have to worry about tanning my hands.
  • This is a necessary tool when it comes to tanning. Kept my hands clean and allowed my tan to apply smoothly. Be sure to follow the directions and rinse before first use! I forgot - so had a few fuzzy bits transfer to my skin. I brushed them off easily. But after I rinsed it there were no more fuzzies.
  • This is a very soft mitt that works well for blending any kind of self-tanner. I like that it's brown because it looks less dirty when you apply tanners or bronzers. It's easy clean too. I hand washed it with a little bit of soap and all the color from the tanner came off and the mitt didn't fall apart. This is definitely a must have if you self-tan a lot!
  • I’ve used gloves in the past, but this is much better. My tanning lotion went on smoothly with this.
  • Ordered this Mitt to use with my Intense Tanning Lotion from Xen-Tan and it worked great! I read that this would help my tan application to be smooth and even and it is true! No way I could have applied the self-tan with just my hands.
  • A necessity for tanning, which ever kind of tanner you use.I still use gloves however.
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