Yachts & Shots 400X Double Shot Bronzer Super Dark Ocean Mineral & Sea Salt Cocktail 7.5oz - REVIEW

  • Photos are immediately following a 7 minute laydown session.The heart is where my tanning sticker was so you can clearly see the difference. This is my 4th time in a tanning bed this summer and it has not been consistent.This was the first with tanning lotion or the use of a sticker.The smell was fine.It wasn't overwhelming nor like blueberry like another review claims, but it was good.Overall I'm happy with my purchase and excited to see if the color develops more in a few hours.
  • Not the best smelling of all tanning lotions but WOW it really does work very well in the tanning bed and outside!! I have 4 or 5 bronzing lotions I switch between but this one is now my new favorite!!
  • Good color and great smell! A little goes a long way and it smells great before and after!
  • This smells like blueberries no funny tan smell. I wear this lotion instead of perfume and I get compliments all day. Love that's it's bronzing me at the same time.
  • I’ve use money tanning lotions. This one is a good one. It doesn’t stay in your hands if you don’t wipe them perfectly clean if you don’t rub it in all the way it doesn’t Leave blotchy, dark marks on you. After you get out of the tanning bed, I also purchased a Sicilian tanning lotion and if you don’t rub it in perfect like in between your toes, if you put it on your foot, wear your fingers after you step out of the bed and I’ll leave dark marks, but this one does not do that so it is a good product. It does give you a nice bronze I would use again.
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  • Fragrance: Blueberry Gardenia
  • Advanced Coconut Water Base
  • Ocean minerals + Sea Salt cocktail
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