blinc Lash Extension Tubing Mascara - REVIEW

  • This is my go to mascara now. I am 48 and my friend broke the bad news to me that my eyelashes are not super long, my eyelids are dropping! Thanks gravity. I would constantly have to check my makeup during the day and wipe off mascara marks from my upper lid. Not anymore. This mascara does tend to dry quicker, that is when i add a few drops of eye drops to keep it going.
  • It's really an individual thing. Everyone's lashes are different and everyone's needs are too. For me, this mascara does everything I want it to. I have decent size lashes, but I'm in my 40's so they're starting to thin. I need a mascara that'll accentuate them, separate them, darken them, and extend them. I don't like bushy eyelashes, I HATE clumping, and I despise removing mascara. This mascara NEVER clumps, due to the type of brush, it coats and separates every lash perfectly, also because the formula is not too wet. It stays on all day without tiny little pieces ending up under my eyes, like all the other mascaras did. It's also super easy to remove with warm water. I have dry eyes and this doesn't bother my eyes at all. I did try like 15 different tubing mascaras and they all had something wrong with it. This one is perfect.
  • I love this mascara. Tubing mascara is so easy to remove and lasts all day with no raccoon eyes. The first few times I boughtit, it lasted a few months, but this time it only lasted one month. I’m not sure if they are selling old product on Amazon or what happened but it’s totally dried out after one month.I’m trying one more time to see if it lasts longer, if not I’ll be on the hunt once again to find another mascara.
  • If you are over 50 with hooded eyes.This mascara is great.Doesn't smudge and the wand is thin so you do t get it all over your lids or puffy eye bags.It does flake a little but not too bad especially compared to other brands!!
  • I’m 68 and this mascara is the best ever. Lids are dropping more, lower bags are showing up. I used it and no smudging whatsoever!!
  • I've been using Blinc for years. Dump that oily makeup remover and just use warm water with Blinc. I use lash primer, mascara and eye liner too. Best on the market. Looks perfect, even if you get stuck at the airport overnight!
  • I was so relieved to find this mascara on Amazon. Sephora stopped selling it. All other mascaras, even waterproof, tend to smudgeunder my eyes. This lengthening mascara is easy to apply and remove. Love it!
  • My spindly lashes, that look non existent actually come to life with this. Thicker and longer. Kind of a miracle. I have loved the tube technology for a long time. Great for people with oily skin and lashes. It stays put!
  • Great mascara. So far the only one which doesn’t give me raccoon eye, even on very hot and humid days. You do need to apply in one application as it dries very quickly and it can flake a little sometimes - so be careful not to rub your eyes. Comes off easily with warm water. Gives nice definition and length but not much volume and not a very dramatic effect but works well and is smudge free.
  • Pro:I am a fan of 'less is more' when it comes to makeup so this works well for me.I use natural and organic products whenever I can and this was something I discovered over 20 years ago but now it is called by a different name.As I've aged and become more wrinkled, the previous favorite products no longer looked as good on me so I always moisturize my whole body and face, but no longer use the eyeliner or vibrant color lipsticks that I used to use in my 50s.Softer colors suit me better now and this brown mascara highlights my lashes with a natural look so it doesn't look like I'm using makeup, I just look more rested and awake.I would like more color options, like a darker brownish black but the straight black is too harsh a look for me with my paler skin and hazel eyes.I can use this color and it doesn't smudge or clump as long as I apply it while it is still wet and do not let it dry.This only takes 3 strokes to get the look I want, and I find it works best if I focus on one eye at a time before moving to the other one.It dries very quickly!It doesn't smudge, but it will usually wear off by itself after 8 hours.I like that feature because I rub my eyes when I'm tired or during dry windy weather and now it's not a problem with this product.Con:If you are looking for a more dramatic look, this may not be what you want.I'm not a false eyelash fan, nor do I use eyelash curlers so take that in consideration.I used to model, and am well acquainted with the tools of the trade but at home I'm just not into it any longer.I hope that helps those who are looking for a softer and less dramatic appearance but still appreciate making the most of what we have as seniors.Recommended.
  • Totally different mascara. Costs your lashes, almost like a plastic coating. Does not smear at all!To remove, use water and slide the tubes off your lashes. Was a little afraid it would weaken my lashes or make them fall out but had no problems. I’m hooked on this great product!
  • I've searched high and low for a mascara that adds length AnD volume while staying out and not smudging or flaking all over the place and I've finally found the holy grail. Before finding this mascara I wouldn't leave my house without fake lashes on, and now I can give my lashes a break. 10/10 beauty product.
  • I was skeptical about the whole "washing off with water" bit, because I've never had a mascara do that, but they weren't lying. It really did wash right off at night with no residue. And yet somehow it didn't wash off in the pouring rain the next day. Magic? Who knows... Lashes look great. Lasts all day. Don't really have any complaints!
  • This is a really nice mascara is you aren't looking for a ton of volume.It does lengthen and define lashes, and it stays on very well, but it's a more natural look than a lot of other voluminous mascaras. I actually prefer it.
  • The first thing I noticed about the mascara was how clean the wand is when you open it. Not one clump! It goes on just as clean. A lot of drugstore mascaras leave black smudges under your eyes, not this mascara. It also lengthens my lashes without looking fake or overdone. My favorite part is that it stands up to a long day, no smudging or flaking yet it still comes off easy at night with just a rag and some warm water. Definitely a winner of a product in my mind!
  • Mascara is the one beauty item I cannot go without, and I’ve lost track of how many I’ve tried! Finding a clean brand that delivers on performance and washes off with water?! Wouldn’t have thought it possible before this one. I wear contacts and my eyes are miserable during allergy season. This mascara not only doesn’t irritate my eyes, but also stays put in spite of all my eye rubbing. Amazing product!
  • I’ve tried many different lash-extending mascaras before, but they always looked caked-on and were difficult to remove. This mascara is the first clean, buildable formula I’ve used that didn’t irritate my eyes or look overly thick. The lengthening effect is beautiful, and I feel like I wear less eye makeup now because of how bright my eyes look. Really great option for anyone looking for a clean, but effective mascara!!
  • This mascara tubes my lashes and makes them smudge-proof! No more black under my eyes!
  • I love this hydrating formula! No clumping or brittle looking lashes. Definitely lengthens my short, light lashes! I’ll be re-ordering for sure.
  • This is the best in the Blinc mascara line! It really does add length to lashes. Well done, Blinc (colors in this now, please-esp brown!)
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