jane iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara - REVIEW

  • I always come back to this formula, my all time favorite. Goes on smooth, lengthens as you build and best of all looks very natural. Stays supple all day with no flecks or running. Starts ‘thin’ when new but layers nicely and reaches a perfect consistancy within a couple weeks. Love!
  • I love my lashes with this mascara. I only wear Jane Iredale. Love this line of makeup.
  • This mascara with the recommended lengthening/conditioning base is 100% worth every cent, and 100% a holy grail combo.Jane iredale is just such amazing quality: i feel like I don’t have to worry about what’s in my makeup like I would using other name brand makeup. But beyond that: the results are unmatchable. I used to joking claim I was the No-falsies-queen because WHY WOULD I BOTHER if I’m getting results like these with Jane Iredale! AND IT’S CONDITIONING my lashes while I wear it?! Honeeeeeeyy YAAAAASSSSS!!!
  • The wand is not good quality. The bristles fall off and onto my lashes, into my eye, and onto my skin.I also accidentally chose the brown color. If JI fixes the brush, I will probably order it again but in the darker color.
  • This mascara along with the conditioner is the only mascara I have used that does NOT irritate my eyes!!!This I purchased for the second time for my sister-in-law and she says the same.No itchy eyes!
  • I have used Jane Iredale for over twenty years. I did stop using it for about two years. We moved and I was not able to find a spa I could get it. Then I found it on Amazon. I had used what I had very sparingly. I began to restock my Jane Iredale. I could feel the healing immediately. I have extremely sensitive skin. The only thing that didn’tburnmy skin and eyes was JI. I went without makeup for severalmonths. One Sunday at I overheard two ladies talking about how bad my skin looked. I knew it looked bad but everything I put on it I had to wash off because of the burning. When I found it on Amazon and started using JI my skin started heading that day. I can not go with out the Smooth Affair and thePureLash. I use it under my mascara to lengthen and separate my lashes, and then I put my mascara on and touch it up with the conditioner if I have any clumpy spots in my lashes. I don’t have to do that very often. The mascara goes on smoothly and you can build on it for longer lashes. I could go on and on telling you how much Jane Iredale is not just a makeup it is healthy skin care products. I know that it has saved my skin and I will never go without it again thank to Amazon. Thank you for the bottom of my heart ❤️
  • I was so impressed with this product. Even the brush was thick and luxurious. My eye lashes have grown back beautifully and long.I woulddefinitely recommend this product along with the eyelash primer.
  • I have been using this mascara for years. At times, I tried others but always went back to purchasing this mascara. I especially like that it's in a tube that is flexible and I can make sure that I've used all of the mascara before I need to purchase another one.
  • I tried this a long time ago and the fibers were a little intimidating. Now that I have more experience with applying mascara, I am able to apply this without issue. It looks beautiful and goes on smooth.
  • I have used the product as directed and am very happy with its ease of application and results. I will buy it again.
  • I use the Longest Lash Black Ice with the PureLash Extender & Conditioner and I LOVE THEM TOGETHER! I have tried so many mascaras (even the waterproof ones) and they always end up giving me racoon eyes or black specs under the eyes. Not this combo. So so happy!
  • absolutely love this mascara. Love this brand. Makes my lashes look long and natural. Gives length
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