e.l.f. Lash 'N Roll Mascara, Curling Mascara For Visibly Lifted Lashes, Lifts & Separates Lashes. Long-Lasting Formula, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, Deep Brown - REVIEW

  • Definitely one of my top new mascaras. Better than rollerlash by benefit if ya ask me. It does lengthen your lashes more than volumizing.The wand might scratch you if you get too close to your lash line but it’s worth it.
  • I can't believe that out of all the brown mascaras I've tried over the years, this one ended up being both the best AND cheapest! I'm very pale with blonde hair and transparent eyelashes/brows, so standard black mascara tends to look ridiculous on me, and it's been next to impossible to find an affordable product that doesn't smear or give clumpy caterpillar lashes. This stuff has a really clean, natural look and doesn't smudge at all. Definitely worth the money!
  • I can’t say enough about this mascara … NO clumps EVER, GOES ON SMOOTH, lengthens my lashes, doesn’t flake, smudge or run. It would be fabulous at ANY cost, but this is a STEAL!Just buy it!
  • Y’all I have been using Lancôme definicils for years.When they increased the price last time I said no more but this time I am done .I purchased this on a whim and so glad I did.This is just as nice as the Lancôme. I’ll come back after I see how long a tube lasts because I know how much timeI get out of the Lancôme . If it lasts long enough it’ll be getting 5 stars ❤️
  • Like many mascara loving ladies out there, I’m on a budget and always looking for a good quality mascara that fits within a fair price range. I’ve tried benefits rollerlash before and it’s not that I don’t like their mascara, I would just rather save the money and get this instead because it’s better and a fraction of the price. I use a primer after curling my straight Asian lashes, but even without the primer my curls don’t flatten completely from the formula. Builds well if you’re good at applying and working with it.
  • I'm so glad Elf made this mascara its amazing for the price. I ordered 4 and I'm obsessed ill be buying more when the time comes .I 100% recommend
  • The media could not be loaded. I absolutely love this mascara. This is the first one I’ve tried from elf and it did not disappoint. I wear false lashes everyday so I don’t really care about length and volume but I do look for how mascara lasts through the day. This doesn’t smudge or end up on my eyelids at the end of the day! I also love how long it makes my bottom lashes.
  • Just got this product, went on perfect. Separated the lashes, coated them nicely. No clumps. Look forward to giving this mascara a great try!
  • I didn't have high hopes for this, since I've been mascara shopping for well over a decade. I can never seem to find one good enough to buy again, until now!!I was skeptical when I opened it and saw the weird brush. I thought the short side was just idk, there. Then I read to use that short side for your first layer. I curled my lashes and said ok let's do this.I was AMAZED!!This went on so smooth and left my lashes pretty and fluffy looking without clumps!!I let it dry a few minutes and then added a second coat and that was all I needed. It looked great!!I cant believe how many mascaras I've gone through but finding this one has been like a small prayer being answered. Thank you elf!!
  • Very nice everyday mascara. It's lengthening, but not very volumizing though. No clumping, flaking, or transfer whatsoever. Very pigmented & super easy to control & use. Excellent product for the price. I would absolutely repurchase this again. 💯
  • It's my first "high end" mascara. I don't really need a volumizing formula so went with this. And it puts a nice curve that stays and it looks great but can also clump a bit which is expected with all mascaras
  • (Excuse my horrible pic hehe) I’m 41 so I’ve been searching for the perfect mascara for literally decades. I’ve bought tons of both cheap and expensive brands over time. Well, this finally ends my search for my latest favorite! My two favorites over time have been discontinued. My last favorite was IT cosmetics “Hello Lashes.” They reformulated and repackaged it recently and I hate the new version. Also, I really like Benefit cosmetics “They’re Real” mascara; but I’ve bought at least 10 of those over time and each one I’ve purchased has dried out in like 2 weeks, so I refuse to buy them.I have really long lashes (thanks to Grande Lash, Lash Boosting Serum - that stuff WORKS. Try it if you haven’t. Takes about a month to see results. Stop use once desired length is reached since it speeds up growth cycle.) My lashes used to curl slightly naturally but now that I’m older many of my lashes just stick straight out. Every mascara I’ve tried seems to weigh them down I guess, because right after curling my lashes then applying mascara, they immediately return to their straightness. Boo. Welp, this mascara miraculously seems to keep them pretty curled for quite some time.This comes out of the tube clean, meaning there’s not gonna of excess product on the brush. It doesn’t clump or flake. It’s kind of a gel-like consistency (like gel moisturizer vs cream is the best analogy I can think of). The only thing I wish was different with this was having the rounded tip on the brush like the IT cosmetics & Benefit’s mascaras I described above. The rounded tips of those allows for applying mascara to outside and inside corner lashes that aren’t as long without getting product all over my eyeshadow or cat-eyed eyeliner on my eyelids.For $6, you can’t beat this stuff!! Also, if y’all have a problem with your foundation disappearing as the day wears on, Elf’s “Power Grip Primer” is amazing.
  • I loved that its easy to apply and doesn't clump up! My lashes look great!
  • Finally a product for me! I hate mascara. It irritates my eyes, smears under my eyes giving a sick look. This actually was a little lift and slight curl up with ng very short eyelids.
  • I wanted a brown mascara, already liked the prestige brand product this is inspired by, so thought I'd give it a try. At less than a quarter of the price, the results are very good.First wear review: I like the tone of the brown, it's dark enough to do the job, while maintaining a slightly softer look. I love this style of applicator, with the curved tip to curl and separate. This shape makes coating the top of my lashes way easier. The formula is thin, but that's most mascaras on first use, and true for the product that I compared this to. I think, like most mascaras, it will apply even better on future uses when it is juuust a little bit more dry. I did NOT have any dried flakes of mascara falling to my face during wear, nor transfer above the eye where my lashes touch my lid. So this is definitely a product I'll keep coming back to!
  • I love the curved brush and how the mascara is applied to my eyelashes. Defines each eyelash and separates. My new favorite!
  • It doesn’t get cakey as you build the lashes. Leaves them separated and fluttery if you use a light hand.I love it.
  • I wanted a mascara that would not flake or smudge. This one is great. Need to build up!!
  • I thought I'd give this mascara a try since it's cheap and had great reviews. This stuff in my opinion does not disappoint , I'm 50 and my lashes have really thinned out and are shorter than what they were in my younger years and this stuff makes my lashes look as though I'm wearing false ones.
  • It didn't seem to have much effect when I didn't curl my (straight) lashes but when I did, it made a big difference. The style of wand is easy to handle. After pumping it once, I wipe it a bit on the edge and it's exactly the right amount to for application. I would get it again for every day casual use.
  • This mascara is so good. It doesn't smudge and only flakes the tiniest bit. I think all mascara flakes at least a little. It does not clump at all, which is a very big plus in my book. It does take several coats to get the desired look. Highly recommend.
  • For the price buy it. For the lift buy it. It does better at coating and lifting my lashes than the expensive brands I have. The brown is also a great color because it is subtle.
  • The price for this mascara is awesome. I like how the brush is curved and gives my lashes the volume I'd like.
  • I've been buying way more expensive mascara my whole adult life, this stuff is just as good or maybe even better!
  • This mascara is perfect for me and lasts without smudging but is also easy to wash of
  • This is a knock off of the very expensiveRoller Lash, and after 2 months of using it, I'm ready to order another, I'm perfectly happy with it!
  • The brush on this is really good for separation! The formula feels light. I don't see or feel any flaking during wear. My lashes look longer and fanned out!
  • I had previously seen several videos on Tik Tok where people raved and ranted about this mascara, saying it looks just like the expensive mascara that they use. I usually spend around $10 or so for mascara, so seeing this one priced at $6, I was hopeful that what people were saying about the mascara was true. I bought the deep brown color, and my lashes were SO long and still looked natural at the same time, I absolutely fell in love with this mascara. Looks just like when I use the Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Washable Mascara, which costs me about $10 or so. I am definitely going to buy the black, but will also use the deep brown when I want a more natural look. Super satisfied!!!
  • Product arrived quickly, packaged well ( thank you Amazon employee !!!) product is fresh, and unused. This is definitely a date for the benefit, roller lash, one of my favorite mascaras, but after having purchased it in the past for $26 and the product either going bad or being delivered, seemingly used via a different seller. this price is much better. Same quality of product. Highly recommend. Does not flake.
  • Doesn’t leak or come off under my eyes during the day! It’s beautiful and affordable!
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  • MASCARA FOR MAXIMUM CURL: Get maximum curl and unbeatable lift—no lash curler necessary. This ultimate curling mascara gives you your most lifted lashes ever.
  • SEPARATES & LIFTS LASHES: The shorter bristles hold onto formula while the longer bristles separate, lift, and evenly coat each lash.
  • PRECISION APPLICATION: This mascara's double-sided and curved silicone brush works to separate, lift, and curl each lash.
  • LONG-LASTING FORMULA: The long-lasting formula is smudge- and flake-resistant to lock curl in place and keep lashes up, up, up.
  • SKIN-LOVING INGREDIENTS: All e.l.f. products are made from skin-loving ingredients you want, minus the toxins you don’t—all at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and leaping bunny certified.
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