Waterproof Mascara By Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara, Very Black, 0.21 Ounce - REVIEW

  • This is the best waterproof mascara I have ever used. I’ve tried expensive ones and drugstore brandsI bought this on a whim to try for kayaking and it’s the best- It doesn’t even come off in the shower unless I useoil before washing it off.
  • I love the design of the brush on this.It makes it easy to lengthen lashes without applying too much mascara at once.
  • So amazing and lengthening. And for three dollars I would buy this time and time again. Does not clump
  • I honestly liked it I struggle to find the right mascara because I’m very picky but this one was good compared to the last 4 I bought that were way over priced. It doesn’t leave your lashes clumpy and the brush spreads them out evenly.
  • The Mascara does what it says and for 4bucks that's not bad at all. It did how ever end up on my under eyes almost immediately but all Mascara does that to me
  • It’s a great mascara! it’s totally waterproof, it makes your lashes lengthy but natural looking and it’s a great price.
  • This is not your “cover girl or maybelline” but the quality is really good. It doesn’t have any toxic smell and is very durable and as stated waterproof. It also lasts long without drying out of the bottle. Overall satisfied.
  • I actually really really like this product especially for the price. The only main problem I have is that it smudges, by that I mean every time I put it on it gets on top of my eyelids or under. Maybe that’s my fault. Still great product though.
  • this mascara just makes my lashes feel nice and it makes then look so full and long
  • If you have little lashes , this is for you . The wand is so little ! It grabs those immature lashes and makes them look great . Even better when your lashes are moisturized before applying the mascara .
  • I was in the market for a drier mascara that didn’t weigh down my lashes.I decided on Wet N Wild because it was inexpensive and if it didn’t work out no biggie.If you’re a fan of layering mascara, this is a great one. It does lengthen a bit but not huge on volume. But it’s a great mascara to lay down that first light layer that serves as kind of a primer. It also helps separate lashes very well.While I wouldn’t use this mascara on its own, it’s a perfect layering mascara. Also if you like a very natural look, this will do the trick.Definitely recommend and definitely repurchase.
  • This mascara is generally clump free due to its fine application tip - my favorite part of it honestly! Super affordable and makes your lashes look great. Two layers can be used easily without looking like spider lashes. Easy to remove with a make-up removing balm and face wash. My favorite mascara that I frequently re-purchase and great for the price.
  • I love this mascara, it’s my absolute favorite. The only ick kid it runs out fast so I feel I’m constantly buying a new one.
  • As a swimmer, I choose waterproof mascara, and this does the trick. It goes on well and does not clump. It is, however, hard to remove without eye makeup remover. Great price.
  • I bought it because I wanted waterproof mascara for the beach and it is definitely waterproof. I will continue to use this product. Very happy.
  • For the price, you can not beat this! Lengthens better than mascaras costing 5 times more. Doesn't clump or flake.
  • This is my go-to mascara. I love that it’s cruelty free. Good color, and stays put well.
  • It isn’t waterproof but I don’t mind at all it applies so well and isn’t clumpy
  • I love this mascara, it stays on, doesn’t flake and keeps the curl. Two coats and my lashes are longer and fuller.
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  • Waterproof lengthening mascara that increases definition with precision for longer-looking, sweat-proof, humidity-resisitant, and smudge-resistant lashes
  • Enriched with Vitamin E to soften, moisturize, and protect lashes
  • Precision comb brush hugs every lash from root-to-tip for optimal length
  • Ophthamologist-tested and safe for contact lens wearers
  • Cruelty-free. Gluten-free. Sulfate-free.
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