wet n wild Megaclear Mascara, Transparent, 0.28 Fluid Ounce - REVIEW

  • I love this product it’s actually very good and I curl my lashes than apply it and then apply mascara
  • All little girls want to be grown up way before they actually are.. so I decided to get my little girl some clear mascara. You would've thought Wet n Wild hand-delivered her a mack truck full of eye makeup when she saw this in her makeup box! It makes her feel like a big girl, and makes me proud to see her being such a big girl too!
  • Good value for the money. Really tames my wild eyebrows. The older I get the crazier my browns become!! This product really works to tame them down.
  • I use this for my eyebrows. I’ve been using this product for many years to hold my brows in place, and it’s a favorite of mine! It’s super lightweight and removes easily with just water. Would definitely recommend!
  • I like that it works just as well as using the black mascaras. No smudges shown.
  • Like very much, Not one for using much makeup, This clear mascara is just enough to give your lashes fullness without the weight of tradional mascara.
  • I wanted this for my eyebrows they hold them in placewithout anything being seen on eyebrows
  • I actually really like this. My lashes are fairly supple, so simply curling them and applying this is perfect. This is easy, too. Clumps can easily be fixed and the brush combs well.Sometimes I use this and then a quick black mascara at the tips for added length.It's funny bc wet n wild is a cheap brand from the 90s, but this works stellar.It's a staple in my daily makeup routine.
  • This product is really different.I don't wear mascara because it looks harsh on me.Fortunately, I found the wonderful Fran Wilson cake eyeliner so I don't need mascara.But the other day, I got to wondering if there was such a thing as a "clear" mascara since my problem with mascara is the messy blackness of it.I went to Walgreens, found this product for $1.99 and it's exactly what I was looking for.It adds a very subtle volume to your lashes.You can barely tell, but they do look longer and thicker, enough that I can tell and I like it.My problem with mascara is it is too black and messy and leaves a black mess under my eyes if I blink.I also used this on my eyebrows to "tame" them.I brushed my eyebrows in the direction I wanted them to go and they stayed that way, looking much more professional.
  • Used for eyebrow grooming. Works alright. Doesn't seem to be sticky or hard like some other brands. Really decent price for the product.
  • CLEAR mascara???Yep.As far as I can tell, there is no mascara made that doesn't migrate into black circles under my eyes.I don't care what the ad says, on me, it smudges.So I dye the tips of my lashes (which are light while the rest is dark) and for formal occasions, I use clear mascara to lift, separate and help hold the curl.It works exactly as intended.By the way, If also been using castor oil on my lashes -- it's supposed to help them grown. I don't know about that, but I have noticed that it gives a bit of curl to my otherwise straight lashes. You can see them better so they look longer.
  • Exactly as I expected. I put this on my eyebrows after filling them in with a pencil. The clear stuff inside is now kind of cloudy, from the residue from the eyebrow pencil. Otherwise, it works great for what I needed.
  • Great to wear alone to nourish your lashes or to get the no makeup- make up look. Its also great to wear underneath regular mascara to prevent it from.beimg clumpy or getting hard. Also makes your lashes longer after continued use.
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  • Wet n Wild Megaclear C149 Clear Transparent Brow & Lash Mascara. New. Protect lashes. Tame & define eyebrows. Natural definition.
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