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  • Once I received and I have applied to my face at night since it is better use during night time and I have immediately see a results, left my face very smooths, tightly,and firmed. Very recommended the product, I love it.
  • This product is exactly as described. Since buying this product, I've used it a few times and was really impressed by its effectiveness. Thes strips made my skin smoothed out overnight. Definitely good to do before a special event or outing.
  • This product is exactly as described. Since buying this product, I've used it a few times and was really impressed by its effectiveness. The only downside is that in the area I applied the strips to while they were smooth when the strips were removed, the smoothness/glass skin only lasted for a few hours.All the same, I would recommend it for use if you need to smooth out your wrinkles for a special event or outing.
  • It's my first time to purchase this item. It's easy to use and I felt it did work. Recommend it!
  • These feel so good on your face and actually work. Loved that you get so many for a great price.
  • Great product 10/10 would recommend , exactly as described highly recommend , great quality will be purchasing again!
  • These work!! I used 4 patches overnight and my deep wrinkles look so much better!! I love that they are natural and contain no chemicals. It is. Great way to get quick results naturally.
  • This product is really great. I’ve tried other wrinkle patches that where reusable and felt like I was wearing a sticky hand on my head all night. This has 10 sheets of “stickers” you smooth out the wrinkles, put them on, voila! Undoing years of scowling. I like to use while driving long distances as well
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  • Reusable Self Adhesive Eyelashes with Natural Look: These eyelashes are not only reusable but also provide a natural appearance, seamlessly blending with your own lashes for a subtle and enhanced look.Reusable self adhesive eyelashes can be used for multiple times, placed in a portable round box and prepared for various usage scenarios.
  • Long-Lasting Eye Lash for Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes: Our adhesive is specifically designed to ensure a strong and long-lasting hold for your reusable eyelashes, giving you confidence throughout the day or night.This reusable adhesive eyelashes are made of premium light weight synthetic fibers, so they not only look good but also feel comfortable.
  • Easy-to-Apply Self-Adhesive Lash Strips: These lash strips come with a self-adhesive feature, eliminating the need for lash glue and simplifying the application process. Just peel and stick for instant glam.Reusable eyelashes self adhesive simplify the makeup process. It is beneficial and easy even for a new hand to wear self adhesive eyelashes.
  • No Glue Lashes with Eyelash Adhesive Strips: Our eyelashes come with adhesive strips, providing a convenient and mess-free alternative to traditional lash glue. Enjoy hassle-free application and removal.Our reusable self adhesive eyelashes have sticky strips on them, please wear before make up, or they cannot stick to your eyelids.
  • False Lashes with Natural Look and Feel: Experience the beauty of false lashes with a natural look and feel. These lashes mimic the appearance of natural eyelashes, adding length and volume without appearing overly dramatic.Reusable self-adhesive eyelashes are exquisitely packaged and suitable as a women's gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wedding anniversary.
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