Ardell Double Up Wispies 4 Pairs - REVIEW

  • They are so light and looks like real eyelashes. my daughter uses them for dance competition and she loves them.
  • These were quite dramatic lashes and more than I am used to spending. I could find others that would be comparable at a lower cost. Unfortunately, these were requested by the studio to use.
  • I've been using these lashes for six months. I really like the quality & how long they last. I can usually use one pair for 2-3 weeks
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  • DIAL UP THE DRAMA: Ardell Double Up Wispies 4 Pack are gorgeous faux lashes that are perfect accessory for a bold and sparkling lash style that adds a stunning twist to natural lashes! Those with large or round eyes are in luck because the length and thickness of this style are perfect for this eye shape and size! Have the best-selling lash style wispies double stacked to create an even wispier and more dramatic eye look!
  • FULL-ON DRAMA, LIGHTWEIGHT FALSIES ON YOUR LIDS: Talk about making a statement! The Ardell Double Up Wispies gather into an ultra-voluminous lash strand for full-on drama, and even though the look is heavy, they feel super lightweight on your lids. They are perfect for making a bold statement or adding a pop of your personality to any look! This is the kind of lash that makes everyone at the bar bug you for details.
  • EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE FALSIES: These artificial lash extensions from Ardell are a lot easier to apply and they are also a top choice for if you’re new to wearing false lashes as they are dramatic. For a hassle-free application, trace some lash glue along with the band of the lash, wait until it becomes tacky, place the falsies as close to your lash line as possible, and voilà, instant volume!
  • REUSABLE STRIP LASHES: As each eyelash pack within this set is fully reusable, you’re guaranteed to save money in the long-run. Able to be worn multiple times without looking worn or frayed, gently remove the lash sections, remove the glue from the band, clean delicately and simply place your Ardell lashes back in their packaging after removal and they’re ready to be reapplied again!
  • 100 % CRUELTY-FREE FALSIES: Ardell Double Up Wispies are entirely made with no animal-derived materials and manufactured through a 100% cruelty-free procedure. Ardell Lashes are very passionate about beauty and animal care, so we ensure you can have peace of mind knowing no animals were harmed during the process that leads to your perfect look for a special occasion or day to day wear. Embrace falsies that do not involve cruelty to animals today!
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