Aigarava Self Adhesive Eyelashes (5 Pairs), False Eyelashes, Reusable Self Adhesive Eyelashes Natural Look, Self Sticking No Glue Lashes for Women, Five Styles Waterproof False Eyelashes Kit - REVIEW

  • The media could not be loaded. I would never wear false lashes because the hassle wasn’t worth it. I though magnetic would solve that but nope. These seemed too easy to be true but after trying, they are truly easy. Peel and stick for lashes. Love it!
  • Love, love, love that I don't have to buy glue for these lashes. They are full and easy to put on and take off. These are my first lashes and now I am hooked.
  • Feedback from my wife: as advertised, it is a reusable and self-adhesive product, incredibly easy to apply saving time, comfortable to wear. It is definitely a practical beauty accessory. worth its price
  • The media could not be loaded. I’m in love with these beautiful self-adhesive eyelashes. They are so light, easy to apply, and can be reused. I love that they include an applicator.
  • The media could not be loaded. These eyelashes were very sticky for having no glue and wash to remove when I was finished wearing them! They aren’t too dramatic and easily blend into my real eyelashes. Love them!
  • I was worried placing this order initially because it showed different lash lengths in the picture but I didn't see any place to specify the length I wanted. When the order came I was please try surprised they had included 2 of each size. They also include the tool to put the lashes on in the box making it super easy. They glue that comes on the last strips is super sticky. It went on first try and stayed on all day. I know it says reusable but I found the glue wasgood for 1 wear. I did get multiple uses from the lashes but 1 wear straight from the box, which is cool because even 1 pair of lashes can cost upward of what the entire pack costs. I would definitely give this product 5 stars and will be reordering in the future
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  • Self-Adhesive and Reusable: Our self-adhesive eyelashes feature cutting-edge technology and premium synthetic fibers, making them reusable and self-adhesive without the need for glue or eyeliner.
  • Easy Application: Our self-adhesive eyelashes are incredibly easy to apply, saving women valuable time in their daily beauty routine.
  • Five Styles False Eyelashes: With our self-adhesive technology, we offer five classical styles of false eyelashes suitable for a wide range of occasions, such as weddings, photography sessions, parties, daily office or routine use.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Our self-adhesive eyelashes are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. It's versatile and practical beauty accessory.
  • Perfect Gift for Women: Our reusable self-adhesive eyelashes make the perfect gift for any woman on occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or wedding anniversaries.
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