Ardell False Eyelashes Natural 110 Black, 1 pack (5 pairs per pack) - REVIEW

  • First time buying and using fake eyelashes. Compared to ones I’ve seen on so many other women, black 110 look very natural and not over the top at all. Easily reusable. I suspect it’s the glue I bought that makes my eyes feel very dry. But I love how the lashes look on me.
  • My favorite lashes. No one can tell I’m wearing them but they look fantastically lush!
  • These are great for those that want to add definition and subtle length to their own lashes . They’re lightweight to wear too
  • My daughter is a competitive dancer and needs to wear lashes when she's on stage. These are a nice for those that don't have much lashes (like her) but they are also the same lashes she goes for when she is going to dinner or out with friends. They are enough to highlight her eyes without looking like she has caterpillars on her eyes LOL!
  • These eye lashes work great and are easy to wear. First ones I have owned that I don’t need to trim first
  • Natural looking, easy to apply, great shape with tapered lashes. Have worn them for years
  • I’ve worn these exact lashes for my engagement pictures and wedding. They look very natural but with a little extra oomph. I just purchased them again to wear to another wedding I’ll be in. I don’t have a lot of experience applying false lashes, so I appreciate that there are enough lashes in the pack to mess up once or twice and still have enough. Highly recommend!
  • If you’re looking for a more natural lash. This is the one to get. They are not overwhelming at all. That’s why I love them. Only lashes I get and I have been using them for over three years.
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  • FALSIES FOR EVERYDAY GLAMOUR: Ardell Natural Multipack False Lashes - 110 Black is perfect to wear on any occasion. These five-packs of strip lash extensions are designed to give you more than a standard pack for the true fans of the strip lashes!. They give these soft and feathery effect for that great everyday lashes. From your everyday errands to that evening date, your eyes can do the talking for you.
  • PREMIUM-GRADE, CRUELTY-FREE FAUX LASHES: Get your glam on compassionately by using these five-packs of fake eyelashes from Ardell. All of these fake eyelashes are vegan and 100% cruelty-free so you can be sure that no animals have been used or abused by producing these artificial lash extensions. Ardell is committed not only to give you a high-quality product but to serving the environment and furry friends as well so you will feel good and safe about choosing and using these falsies!
  • BLENDS SEAMLESSLY FOR A NATURAL FINISH: Ardell Natural Multipack False Lashes - 110 Black are a great choice for those that don’t want enhanced definition at the lash line, as thick black lash bands can often give the effect of eyeliner. They are lightweight and fairly natural-looking too, by the time someone comments on how full your lashes look, you'll forget you even had these faux lash extensions on!
  • BEAUTY BUDDY, BUDGET-FRIENDLY FALSIES: Go on gorgeous all the time, be glamorous effortlessly! Best value for money you can get from Ardell Natural Multipack False Lashes - 110 Black! Cult-Favorite falsies are very handy and ideal for going out, attracting attention, special events and are your best friends. Be extremely attractive all day and night without spending a lot of money. Never let the lash shortage stop your party again!
  • MADE FROM 100% STERILE HAIR STRANDS: Created for a unique and natural lash effect, each pair is handcrafted and made from 100% sterile hair that is so lush and versatile, so they will adhere to the glue. It will not irritate your eyes or cause puffiness and work wonders to emphasizing and transforming your natural eyelashes. Each lash strip is free from harmful ingredients and is completely safe to use.
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