Tatjacket Tattoo Cover Up Concealer Sleeve, 2-PACK, Lower Arm or Ankle coverage, UPF 50 Protection, Slip Free, for Men & Women (Unisex), BROWN, ONE SIZE - REVIEW

  • Overall I’m very happy with the quality. I have olive skin (tan) and I think the color blends well versus other coverups.My only complaint is that I have very thin wrists. “Girly skinny wrists” lol yeah I said it. So I had to go to an alteration place and have them close it up a bit. I do wish that they sold it in different sizes. But it’s stretchy and comfortable and seems to be pretty breathable. 🤙
  • I work at Disney world.These are not approved by Disney . Must wear full sleeve. Otherwise they are great.. comfortable
  • Bought this for a friend to cover surgery scars from skin graft removal. Covers great and looks nice, blending in well.
  • Have to cover my tattoos for my job so the jacket is perfect for doing just that. People do think I’ve hurt my arms though lol.
  • Needed a cover to conceal my forearm tats for work, tried these and would highly recommend. Thin, but conceals, and not bulky to be uncomfortable. When not needed can just be pushed down to the wrists, ready to be pulled up when needed.
  • Absolutely perfect! Fits excellently and covers my forearm tattoo. I work at a doctors office and though my doctor doesn't mind tattoos, the office in general does. Very grateful to not have to wear long sleeves all the time! To all those who complained about a logo on this item, I have news for you. You’re wearing it inside out....
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  • Easy, temporary concealment of your visible tattoos
  • Cool, lightweight, flexible and breathable
  • Protects your tattooing from discoloration due to sunlight
  • Shields your arms from harmful UV sunlight
  • Perfect on occasions where visible tattoos are unacceptable
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