Ardell Double Up - Knotted Flare Trios - Medium Black - REVIEW

  • I was spending more than I’d like to admit on lash extensions for the past year. I decided to give my lashes a break and try these. I used ardell lashtite to put on the Ardell double up lash trios (medium and short). They stay put typically for a little over a week. I have gotten them to stay on for just over 2 weeks at the longest.
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  • Mid-Length Lashes: Apply 2 to 3 individuals without overlapping for a simple but cheery look. Or, stack them up and place more across you lid for daring sultry looks. Or use them as added layers for your strip lash for more dressed up and defined eyes.
  • Clustered, Trio-Style: Get 32 sets of expertly trimmed trios each placed carefully in the box. Ready to use without trimming. Each has a secure knotted base for the lash glue to stick and stay on you lid.
  • Easy to Customize: Your master eyelash gap filler for sparse spaces or if you need more on the center or the outer edges. Blends smoothly with your natural hairs so you won’t have to worry about them looking stiff or too fake.
  • All-Day, All-Night Wear: Tailored with Ardell’s Duralash technology that boasts supreme comfort and style. Each strand is perfected with a permanent and natural-looking curl.
  • Go-to Lash Brand: Ardell is a trusted and popular brand in the false lash industry, known for its high-quality products. They’re a leader in best-selling eyelashes and cosmetic adhesives and widely known as the most superior lash bonding agent available in the market.
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