Eyelashes Natural Look, False Eyelashes Natural Look, Wispy Natural Look Lashes 5 Pairs Soft Faux Mink Lashes 3D 6D Volume Fluffy Frihappy Fake Eyelashes Frihappy #17-Understated - REVIEW

  • These are so light that you can't feel them which is perfect. They stay on for days
  • I like how they look so natural even after applying mascara. Perfect for me! I am ordering more.
  • These lashes are light as a feather and very natural looking. However, I couldn't use them because they were not long enough for me.
  • I had a hard time finding natural looking lashes. They are all very thick and dark. Because I hardly wear much makeup. the big dark ones look out of place.These look great! I’ll be buying more.
  • Great lashes for your buck! Got 3+ days out of each set. Will buy again.
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  • Natural and realistic: Frihappy 17-Understated false eyelashes are made from high-quality synthetic fibers that closely mimic the look and feel of real eyelashes, giving you lashes natural look.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: The materials used in these false eyelashes are light and soft, making them very comfortable to wear without causing any discomfort or irritation to your eyes.
  • Eye-catching beauty: These false eyelashes effectively lengthen and thicken your eyelashes, making your eyes appear brighter and more beautiful, helping you stand out in a crowd.
  • Easy to use: These false eyelashes are incredibly easy to apply, simply attach them to your lash line with adhesive, no professional skills required.
  • Reusable: These false eyelashes are designed to be reusable multiple times, making them an affordable and eco-friendly option.
  • Variety of styles: These false eyelashes come in a variety of styles to suit different occasions and personal preferences, allowing you to choose a style that fits your unique personality.
  • Safe and hygienic: These false eyelashes are made from high-quality materials and have undergone strict quality testing to ensure they are safe and free from harmful chemicals.
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