Ardell False Eyelashes Short Black 4 Pack - REVIEW

  • They lashes last long to me. Great hold. Everyone thinks I am wearing mink lashes
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  • CUSTOM UNIQUE LASH LOOK FOR ALL OCCASIONS: A holiday party, or any party for that matter, is a great excuse to go on a customized glam look with the Ardell Short Black Individuals! These faux lashes have a perfect blend of luscious length and volume, the ultimate go-to pair for any exciting event! Whether it’s belting songs out loud along with your favorite band or whiling hours away at a theme park, these falsies will make you stand out in the dozens of selfies!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT LASH STRANDS: These faux individual eyelashes from Ardell offer a beautiful emphasis on the shape of the eye making you look great during a night out, special occasions or even on a regular day. Meticulously designed with super-soft hair strands making these blinkers are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Perfect to complement a wide variety of styles, great falsies for any makeup lover who wants to look glamorous with minimal effort!
  • FASTEST WAY TO HAVE LUSCIOUS EYELASHES: Us ladies are all united in the quest for delicate, natural lashes. Thanks to Ardell, these individual lashes are perfect for brunch, coffee dates, on-campus meetups, and daytime beauty looks! Loved by professional makeup artists and regular users, wear these fake eyelashes alone, or with a little liner, and you will have a gorgeous look that opens your eyes. Get ready to catch eyes and turn heads with these falsies on!
  • EASY AND UNCOMPLICATED LASH APPLICATION: Ardell Short Black Individuals work wonders to emphasizing and transforming your natural eyelashes. Have an easy and uncomplicated application that holds the lashes and helps place them so perfectly! Place them close to your lash line directly on top of your natural lashes, the closer to your lash line the more natural the cluster extensions will appear as your lashes will blend in better with these individuals!
  • REUSABLE, GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Ardell Short Black Individuals don’t have to be thrown out after every use just like other falsies! These great lash extensions will last you multiple times if removed and cared properly. Stretch beyond single wear, so don't bin your falsies after one go! Simply remove these faux lashes softly and smoothly, soak a cotton bud in makeup remover to wipe away any excess glue on the strip and return lashes to the tray. They’ll be just as good the next time you put them on!
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