Belloccio Pack of 20 Disposable Bras (Brassieres) - REVIEW

  • I have a spa room and do detoxing for women so I have disposable panties and bra’s for them. It’s comfortable and easy to dispose of once used. Works well for sweating in or any coverup for spa use.
  • I bought this because I was going for shoulder surgery and I needed something easy to put on. It works, just didn't hold the girls up or provide a lot of coverage. Since I wasn't really going out too much, it wasn't much of a concern. I'd recommend it if you need it for a bit of cover, just keep in mind it is not an every day bra.
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  • Disposable Bras are an essential item to protect and cover you or your clients top during a spray tanning session.
  • They are also widely used for cover up for multiple beauty, body and hygiene reasons.
  • They're perfect for cover up while getting a spray tan, as they keep tanning solution off the bra area during the tanning process.
  • Bras are made of non-woven breathable fabric with a cotton touch feel and include tie straps
  • Applications include Tanning, Spas, Salons, Sauna Room, Bath Room, Hospital, Hotel, Traveling, Daily Use, Etc...
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